GIANT Crit Crushers 2021 - US League

Under Leagues: Giant Crit Crushers 2021 the AU and EU League overall/teams/individual standings have been updated for almost 2 days now but the US League results are hung up ‘Loading’ and nothing appears. Wonder if there is a glitch or is already being worked on? Last Thursday was first day of 4 week league.

I started this thread after the race.

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Same again this week, and including the EU league too. @xflintx can they be updated automatically please? Bit pointless having a league that doesn’t have current standings.


Sent another message back to Zwift Support about the issue with both leagues this time. Last time they got right on it when I messaged them so we will see…


Still no standings for the EU League??


but the giant eu no update?

This will be the last time I race this series. Race organizers are completely checked out, only caring about marketing their brand.

You should send a message direct to Zwift about the issue. No idea what problem is.

I replied back to Zwift Support to let them EU is still not updated—last I checked. Can’t hurt for you to send a request to Zwift also—make some noise. Zwift doesn’t seem to be monitoring this thread at all

The standings are updated for EU league

EU league updated but not the AU or US!!?
Any idea who does this?

Sent another message to Zwift Support. Pretty bad we have to do it every week.

I also sent a message but got an email back saying they no longer reply to emails to the Zwift support box??

I also sent the support team an email a few days ago letting them know and still no update.

Wish I knew why ZWIFT isnt reactive to these request. Not answering issues here on Zwift Forum and now Support? Best way forward is not to enter any series that does not have a Contact Point listed. Going into 4th/Final week and finally they updated EU and AU but US is still not updated from week 3. No idea what to say anymore but expect allot better from Zwift and how they setup leagues/events.

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Ditto with the ladies - very frustrating