Getting spat out the back during events?

Good Morning Guy’s,

I’ve been enjoying the majority of my experience within the zwift platform. However, I feel I’ve been having a few issues which I can’t resolve, possibly you can help?

I’ve taken part in a number of events mainly C Cat and not races although they often appear to end up that way. However, yesterday, for example, the event was ringed at 2.5 w per kilo and when I came to an 8% climb I slipped off the back punching 4.5w trying to stay on the back of the pack? On another other occasion, I’ve joined events and within a few minutes of trying to sit within the pack I’m being spat out the back pushing far more watts per kilo than anyone else. I’m certainly not getting the benefits of any drafting effect.

I use a Tacx Vortex Smart trainer / calibrated / tyre pressure at 100 PSI

Is there something wrong with my set up. I run a small coaching business and would love to run a few meet ups but at the moment I wouldn’t have the confidence.

Thanks in advance

The most obvious thing to check is that you aren’t on the time trial bike (it does not benefit from any draft) or a gravel or MTB bike (which have higher rolling resistance on tarmac roads).

Beyond that I have heard a few people complaining that they aren’t getting a draft in group rides recently. Not everyone, but some people, so you could be a victim of a Zwift bug.