Getting down graded?

Up until June I was racing successfully in a+, then got hit with covid so didn’t ride/train/race for 2 months and now I’m barely hanging on to b’s.

How would I get down graded for the next ZRL.

I raced the zwift classic a cat on 13/08/2022 at midday gmt. To see my current performance level.

I want ti race the ZRL this season but no way will I be an a rider for a while so rather not die just trying to stay in the a draft.

Thanks in advance

Your ZP history seems to show you’ve ridden about a dozen events since June? ZRL doesn’t start for another month still?

Email and they may be able to help you out.

And no more anywhere near 4.5 w average that was.
Killing my self to get 3.4

Thank you