Gender equality for the National Championship Race (aka "Everyone does the same # of laps")

Is it me, or is Zwift merely perpetuating the terrible notion that women can’t do as many miles as men? 

This is a  virtual race, yet we can’t let the everyone do the same amount of racing in order to earn a virtual  jersey? 

Please join me in voting for this one in order to encourage Zwift to be better than most of organized cycling. 

Hi Justin - Thanks for your concern regarding gender equality.  This is a very important topic for us at Zwift and one that we take very seriously.  What you can’t see is that we polled the community in two separate women’s FB pages where women have voted 10 to 1 to keep the race at it’s current distance. In the future, if the women’s community wants a longer race, we’re more than happy to adjust and add a lap but for now the vast majority of women are supportive and happy with the current format. 

Face it, it’s a fact that the majority of women are not strong as men, that’s why they have  Giro Rosa instead of  Giro d’Italia, and that’s why they vote for a shorter race here.