Combined races men and women

When I was a little boy, cycling was a world of men. I rode around the housing block with my girlfriend on racing bikes and people looked at us, shaking their heads. Girls weren’t supposed to ride racing bikes. Fortunately, the world is completely different today. In the virtual world of Zwift, men and women race together. And there are ladies who can do quite a bit of it too. Perhaps the real world will also allow the big cycling events for ladies and men at the same time in the future. That could bring some surprising results. That a team could place both a man and a woman on the podium in the same race. Joscelin Lowden recently set the world hour record at 48.405 km/h. There are quite a few men (even professional cyclist) who have difficulty with this pace. What do you Zwifters think about this?

Sounds like gravel racing in the US. Mass starts with men, women, Trans, non-binary, etc. racing together, however separate podiums still for men and women. Some race organizers are doing things quite differently here in the US with inclusion being the goal. No UCI, and no “rules” to follow.

I think you should ask the ladies if they want to race with the guys?

I don’t think it is my place as a man to know want the ladies want. I think if they want to race with us then they can noting is stopping them. They would certainly tell us.