Only woman

Why is there a E group “Woman only”.
I think all riders can ride in all races regarding there class, watt

Ove P Vorm

How is it hurting you that there is an all-female group?


it just makes it more fair haven’t you spotted that men are USUALLY stronger? huh?

Probably the 4th time i have responded to this sort of post. Here, have a read of this…

My wife cycles both IRL and on Zwift so i have first hand experience of why females ride in single gender group rides/races.

First, lets address the obvious physical differences. Women, generally, are lighter than men. So when rides are measured on w/kg they are at a disadvantage. A 55kg female riding at 2.5w/kg will output 138w. A male of 80kg doing 2.5 w/kg will be doing 200w. This will equate to the male going faster in Zwift on the flat. Add the group draft and females have to work harder in comparison.

Second, the male banter and ego. Let us be honest and say that sometimes the conversations that men have can be deemed unsuitable for females. We have all participated in them so ladies can want to remove themselves from time to time (it’s the same as men wanting their own time in the bar or pub really). Also male ego’s wanting to race in a group ride and push the boundaries of the ride make point one worse.

For the record, my wife takes part in mixed rides on Zwift and IRL and takes great delight in being able to do that.


This is really not fair for guys. :stuck_out_tongue: