Identifying as female an advantage?

I was looking through who’s registered for a race activity I was interested in to see if any other famales are riding. I noticed one rider is clearly male by their name and photograph but their account shows them as a female. Is this an advantage in the race? How can I tell other females in the race? Can results be split by male/female and group (abcd)?

There are races that split the men/women into two different races separated by 5-10 mins.

Other races are mixed.

Unfortunately there are riders that will drop their body-weight data significantly to gain a power/weight advantage.

I’m not sure if men riding as women falls into the above power/weight category but it wouldn’t surprise me if it does happen <sigh>

Possible answer, and situation I’ve seen before:  his significant other is trying Zwift under his username/account (adjusting gender/weight for her ride).

Hi, this is a mistake I made when first using Zwift.  When adding details to my name (WBR) on the Android mobile App, I accidentally changed my sex to female.  Fat fingers on the screen.  I only spotted the problem when I noticed I had a pony tail…

In video games it is common for men to use female avatars, saying that’s what they’d rather look at while they play.  /shrug