Very Taboo Question

Here is a very taboo subject scenario for you (and i am genuinely interested in the answer)… We were talking about Cheating/Sandbagging so the question posed was If a group of guys where to all identify as woman would they be able to ride in the woman’s league?? Is there rules in place for this? Where do Zwift stand on this? If this has been asked before i apologise i couldn’t find anything.

I’m not interested in the whole trans debate, the angle i’m looking at from is a group of guys taking advantage of a situation to win something.

The question you asked is probably some sort of a political minefield that i personally have no say in but it’s not even worth asking yet because zwift don’t even do anything about typical men (they don’t identify as women) racing as women

@Alice_KWCC has been pretty vocal about it

If it is just men pretending to be women then i can’t see how it is any different to pretending you weigh 50kg or that you are 4 feet tall - should be seen as the same.

If you notice something like that please use this link to report riders: Link

closing this thread because as you noted it will go south very fast.