Women's Group Rides Need a 2.2-2.7 w/kg category

In the Zwift Men’s Academy, the A group ride is paced at 2.2-2.7 w/kg. In the Women’s Academy, the A group ride is paced at 1.7 - 2.2 w/kg.

Zwift HQ, what are you trying to tell us? That women cannot be social at 2.2-2.7 w/kg? There are a number of women on the ride I attended tonight who would disagree with you! You don’t have to remove the existing categories, just add a new one at 2.2-2.7 w/kg. Thanks for considering!



I agree. I did an A group ride this morning and the group basically split in two. A front group riding closer to 3.0w/kg and a back group riding closer to the posted pace, with a number of ladies spaced out in between the two groups. I think is discouraging to the ladies in both groups: the faster riders are being held back by a well-meaning leader trying to keep everyone together and the slower riders are frustrated by the ride not being at the advertised pace.

Agree++. I did my first ever Zwift group ride as the A group RGV group ride 2 days ago. It was advertised as a ‘mellow social ride’ at 1.7-2.2/kg. With a fence that would keep us together. The leader even said at the outset that she would stick to the advertised 2w/kg. What a joke. I had to to ride at 2.5w/kg (my FTP 2.6w/kg/152W ) just to not get lost altogether, finishing something like 60th out of 74. The main pack was not in sight for most of my ride.
Unclear of the purpose of the group ride. I was essentially riding solo. I have no objection to riding at my FTP for 45 minutes, but would have liked to know before I got on the bike. Disappointed.

I had the same issue today in my ZA group ride. I am doing this to build up my ftp. Today was supposed to be 1.2-1.7 so good recovery for me. My ftp is around 150. Our ride today was well above the advertised pace and I was alone most of the ride. It was not a recovery ride at all for me but a threshold effort. I thought the swift Academy group ride would be more regulated, especially a women’s ride. I’m disappointed too. The fence would have helped.

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I had a similar experience @Meg_Cadogan_Birchwoo One ZA group ride was spot on with a great ride leader and really enjoyable, and one was at the top end and above the advertised w/kg. I raised it in the group chat and got some patronising responses. Apparently I’m too light to keep up (I wish this was true, I’m very heavy!) and I need more riding experience (I’m level 23 with dozens of group rides under my belt). Disappointing and demoralising to say the least.

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@Aimee_Sutton Agreed, we do need a 2.2-2.7 w/kg women’s group ride. I did a women’s group 1.7-2.2 w/kg ride but knowing I would ride faster than advertised pace. The ride leader did call out for us to slow down but we were a good blob. Please add a faster group.