Gen-1 Wahoo Kickr / MacBook Pro Connectivity

I inherited a Wahoo Kickr from a neighbor. They said their power data was cutting out randomly. As it was a Gen-1 Kickr, they decided it was time to get a new one and let me take a shot at fixing this one. Once I cleaned it of triathlete sweat and dog hair, cleaned the optical sensor, and did a spindown (both standard and a “Factory Spindown”, it appeared to work just fine… at first. It connects and reads power to the Wahoo App. It connects and reads power to Zwift on my phone. But if I run Zwift on my laptop, it cuts out. When it cuts out, it is random. I was holding an easy 15mph on a flat course and it would simply drop, my virtual self would coast to a stop, then it would connect again, and cut out again. On my phone, I rode that same steady pace for over 10 minutes without issue.

I’ve spoken with Wahoo support and learned that the Gen-1 only has 1 Bluetooth channel or whatever and apparently the newer generations have improved on that. Still, if it connects to my phone uninterrupted, why wouldn’t it connect to a laptop? Would a newer, external Bluetooth dongle for the laptop be the fix? Or can I line-out from my phone to a lager monitor? Either way, I’m liking that I’m on a Kickr for $15 in parts and some elbow grease.

Hi @John_Armstrong

Since you are using a laptop you might want to get a ant+ dongle and short usb extension cable, I have found it a lot more stable than Bluetooth.


the built in bluetooth on the laptop might not be as good as the phone, you should try the ANT+ dongle like Gerrie suggested for the laptop, it usually works much better.

Nice work getting basically a free Kickr too! :money_mouth_face:


Thanks, Gerrie & Mike! As it happens, I have an ANT dongle. My… now old setup… was an older Garmin head unit with speed & cadence sensors, a Saris Powerhub, and a Fluid2 trainer. I also had a USB extension cord since my old work computer didn’t have Bluetooth internally. So, using the cord and dongle and turning Bluetooth off on the laptop seems to solve the problem. I guess there was a conflict between Bluetooth and ANT+ on the laptop? I’m not sure, but it appears to be working. I’ll give it a full-pace workout tomorrow.

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