GC granularity in Zwift Power

I am currently riding in the ZRacing Neokyo Nights race series and have done several of the recent ZRacing series. As a mid to upper CAT D rider I am never going to win a race so look to see how I can improve my GC standing. Generally this would mean looking for the faster races but Zwift Power isn’t the easiest to interrogate.
My feature request would be to allow better granularity of data. Such as
1 on the GC leader board you see cumulative time and points scored?? for each stage but not the individual times for each stage which aggregate to the cumulative time.
2 you have to enter each race result individually and then filter by CAT to see the winning time for that CAT. This would be easiest in the main results board if you could simply filter by race and then CAT and have the winning time showing. This would allow for the faster races to be identified.
3 I would want to be able to also see the cumulative data split by rider time race rather than by current race rider time.

Apologies if you can already interrogate ZP in this way but it isn’t intuitive.

Slightly off topic but generally the bigger the field the faster the race given the drafting effect. Is this “fair” in GC land where riders may not have the ability to enter the more popular races for whatever reason and are hence systematically disadvantaged. Could there be a cross race drafting modifier equalisation be set up to level the playing field by starting field size and or strength.