Garmin Vivoactive & HRM ANT+

Hi everyone

I have hooked my Garmin HRM ANT+ Monitor with my Garmin vivioactive watch.

I cannot seem to get this detected in Zwift? Is this not possible?

Thank You

Do you have an ANT+ usb dongle connected to your PC?

The Garmin HRM should only be connected to Zwift and not the watch this might be your issue.

Have you set your watch to broadcast? I’ve a Vivosmart and need to tell it each time to broadcast HR.

Just for reference for other people doing the same searching I was, here is the Garmin link for broadcasting HR data for Garmin Vivoactive HR:


I use a vivo active and it connects fine. Make sure that Garmin Connect is turned off on your computer, that hogs the ANT+ otherwise. Hope that helps

OK!!! thanks james, i think this is the step i needed!!!   I’ve tried everything but this.  NOW, how do i temporarily disconnect my garmin connect on a  phone?  do i “forget device” or is there an easier way?