Garmin TACX smart bike

I’m hoping somebody else has a smart trainer from Garman out there. This is for the Bike. The elevation buttons on the shifter hoods seem to be active.
Swift no longer controls the bike it’s done manually? I’m sure I’m doing something wrong but haven’t had this issue before.

You didn’t mention the Model number, but if it is T8000 or 4229 and the firmware is v4.0 or higher, then you should find some extra support with Zwift by advancing to the “Paired Devices” screen and selecting “Steering” or “Controls” (depending on your version of Zwift) and selecting the Bike there.

In summary, you would select the device for Power, Cadence, Controllable Trainer (now Resistance), and Steering (now Controls).

Thanks Mike it’s the most recent model of the bike software is 4.5 I believe.
For the moment I’ve setting it at an 8% incline, and it seems to still adjust from there. Thanks.

Take Care, Greg