Garmin Never Stop Series

Plus, when you complete any of the long events, you’ll not only unlock the in-game kit, but you’ll also receive one entry to win the Tacx NEO 2T and Forerunner 945 Tri Bundle in the Garmin Never Stops Giveaway!

Does each completed long stage earn an entry into the giveaway (up to a 4 total) or is that limited to ONE entry irrespective of how many long stages you complete? :thinking:

I believe every stage you do is another entry.

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I just finished the long route, the email said one entry per stage and max of 4 per person.


I got the email for the first long route completed, not for the other ones. I’m assuming that’s the same for everybody.

This last one, 70K, longest I’ve ever done. Can’t move but happy I completed the course. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yep, only got the an email for 1st ride (only done 1st 3 so far).

They certainly aren’t rides I would select for a free-ride every few days but I’m high-fiving myself when I finish them! I’ve got #4 starting in about an hour.

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Don’t understand what is happening with my emails…

Done the first one, late joined, 30s or so, didn’t received email.
Second one, on time, complete, no email.
Today third one, guess what… no email again… :confused:

Any suggestion of what’s wrong?!

Guessing at the end of the series in a copuple days is when they will go out, if they do.

Did stage 4 (long) yesterday and received no email confirmation of being entered into the draw.


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Neither did I

Anyone else not have their jersey show up? I did stage 4 yesterday and saw the jersey the first time I went to look right after completing it, but now I don’t see it.


I’m having the same problem. I completed two long stages and received nothing. During the stages I had the Garmin kit but after finishing it never showed up in my garage. I also never received any e-mails or other messages confirming my two entries in the draw.

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In terms of the missing Garmin jersey, I could be wrong but here is my hunch… the Garmin jersey for this event is the same jersey unlocked when linking Zwift to a Garmin account. When the Garmin account is unlinked, the jersey also disappears. My hunch is after the jersey is unlocked for this event, the next time Zwift is launched it notices there is no Garmin account linked and removes the jersey from the garage. The only workaround I’m aware of to get this kit is to link Zwift to a Garmin account.

Another thread on this issue…

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I linked my Garmin account and the jersey reappeared. Thank you for the tip!