Garmin Hr dual monitor

Both me and my partner use garmin hr monitor s, recently hers stopped working on zwift but mine carried on working. Yesterday mine has stopped working … this is very frustrating and by the look of other comments on the forum it is an issue … is there any update on this please because if it carries on we will be looking to use another training application

I assume that you have checked that your batteries are ok?

Bluetooth tends to use a lot more juice than ant+.

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They work fine on garmins

I have had it that when my battery starts getting low that it will still work with my head unit via ant+ but not with Zwift via Bluetooth. Changing the battery has always fixed it for me.

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Garmin s are about a year old so that might be the case I’ll try that … thanks

Good luck, mine don’t last anywhere near a year when using bluetooth. When using only ant+ can do about 1.5 years.

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