Garmin Forerunner 935 Bluetooth Issue with Zwift PC

Hey Guys,

I am new here at the zwift plattform. During my first attempt I noticed that my computer can not pair my garmin forerunner 935 with Zwift. In contrast my smart trainer Tacx T2900 has worked immediately. Can anybody give me hint to solve the problem ?

My garmin forerunner device has the option to send my heart frequency to an another device. I enabled this function but once I clicked the seach button in Zwift, my computer or rather Zwift can not found my garmin foreunner 935.

I am looking forwad to your advice.

Garmin uses ANT+ to broadcast HR data, and it seem like you are using BlueTooth.

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Gerrie you are right. Few minutes ago I found the solution within the garmin manual. In order to solve the problem I have to buy a garmin strap or is there a cheaper way ?

I assume you are using Windows. If you use windows you can get a ANT+ dongle and use that for your trainer and HR.

Two things to note.

  1. Ant+ Plus is more stable than Bluetooth.
  2. HR strap is more accurate than watch optical sensor.

Yes I am using windows. Due to my triathlon 935 device I am thinking to buy a garmin hrm tri strap but there is another problem to aware. The garmin hrm tri strap has just an ANT+ opportunity which means I have to buy an ANT+ dongle for my pc in order to analyse HF during Zwift sessions.

That would be my suggestion, you will be happy with ANT+.

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You can always do it in phases.

1st buy the ANT+ dongle, and use your watch then when you have the money get the HR strap.

The Zwift Store has a USB extension with an ANT+ dongle:

You can buy them elsewhere, just showing you an example of what you would need and the cost.

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