Garmin Connect outage [July 23 2020]

All: it’s reported that Garmin suffered an outage today, and they may be down for several more days according to this story:

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I know if I go for a run my watch will eventually be able to upload to Garmin connect after it’s fixed

Any idea if zwift will do the same or will any zwift rides during this outage just vanish?

My guess, and I could be wrong, is that the link between Zwift and Garmin is real time (ie only applies when you save a ride, it won’t keep a queue of rides to upload). However, once Garmin is back up and running you can download the fit file from (or grab them from your hard drive if you are on a PC) and upload them manually.



D Watson is correct. Past Zwift activites that failed to push to Garmin during the outage will not sync once they restore service. You can download your FIT files and manually send them to Garmin.


I remember some of my manually-uploaded activities weren’t denoted as “Uploaded from Zwift” but it was the past story and things may have been changed since then?

Looks like Garmin is slowly being restored now