Garmin Connect May 2022

I am trying to get my files to upload (transfer) after a ride. Worked fine yesterday does anyone have any advice?

Thank you

Hi @Stephen_Langone

Welcome the Forums!

It looks like you’re working with our Tier 1 support team via email and I just left them some notes to help you with that specific inquiry. So, don’t be surprised if they send you the same information via email that I’ve shared here.

I also examined your account and what’s strange is that my internal tools are suggesting that your most recent activities have been successfully uploaded to Garmin. It’s curious if you aren’t seeing them.

Anyhow, as for why you can’t manually upload/import your Zwift .fit files to Garmin, this has been an issue for some time. An eventual solution will most likely need to be the result of efforts from both Zwift and Garmin. For now, the best workaround I’ve found is as follows:

  1. Upload your Zwift .fit file to Strava ​. If the activity is already listed in Strava, then skip to step 2.
  2. Now locate the activity in Strava and export the GPX file ​.
  3. You can now upload/import the GPX file to Garmin ​ without issue.