Garmin 935 HR won't connect to Samsung 10+

Hi. I am trying to get my HR from my Garmin 935 to connect to Zwift on my Samnsung 10+.

I know the 935 HR only broadcasts in ant+ and I know the S10+ is ant+ enabled, I just not sure how to test it or ensure it is working on my phone.

Besides rebooting my phone, I have also tried using a USB-C converter to USB and connect my ant+ dongle I bought from Zwift, no luck. In the pairing screen in Zwift, I only see the Bluetooth icon, but cannot figure out how to have it search on Ant+.

What am I forgetting or have not tried? Thanks!

ANT+ is not supported in Android.

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To expand a little on @Gerrie_Delport comment, Zwift for mobile devices is Bluetooth only and the Garmin only broadcast HR in ANT+.

Your best option is a duel band HRM.

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According to the specs of the phone under Network & Connectivity, it shows Ant+.

Not ideal, but sounds like a duel band HRM will fix my issue.

He is talking about Zwift, Zwift on mobile devices is Bluetooth only, it does not matter if your Android has built in ANT+.

That makes sense. Bummer. Thanks!

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