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I understand that Zwift tech is built with gaming tech, hence the need to have a laptop with the correct memory and chip etc. Although I am not a gamer I understand that many games reward and encourage play by creating new challenges at earned levels. I am a premium subscriber but I am not an habitual Zwift user, therefore even after years I am still at a level 21. Why am I denied access to various worlds and routes? I pay the same annual fee I should have access to Alpe d’Huez.

Access to Alpe du Zwift (I’m guessing that’s what you mean by Alpe d’Huez, on which the AdZ is modeled) is restricted to levels 6 and above, so I’m confused by your comment.
Also, what is a “premium” subscriber?

There are only a handful of worlds that are open to public at any given time. Websites like WhatsonZwift and Insider generally have calendars that show what worlds are open.
(there are workarounds for this if you care however; doing things like setting up a workout at any world and ending it).

However; the only locked locations, like Alp du Zwift are only locked to users level 6 and below (which is very quick and easy to get to).

So you certainly have access to everything Zwift has to offer.
Which; to add, being a paying subscriber doesn’t actually unlock anything; just allows unlimited riding distance on Zwift.

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And the Alpe is permanently available as it’s in Watopia so unaffected by the worlds rotation.

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Thanks Andrew that helps. Some of my riding buddies are saying the same thing. I guess I just need to commit to more time to understand how to use the tech. At 65 I don’t like to think of myself as completely tech challenged but I do have my moments. :rofl:

Happens to the best of us!

The closed worlds thing as far as anyone likes to assume is just to keep them more lively with more rider population; to be “more alive.”

But yes, the easiest workaround if you want to ride on a map not in rotation is to load up any workout, choose where you want to ride, and then end it; you’ll be given to the option to remain in the world you loaded into.

Now… that said; if you want to do Road to Sky (Alp Du Zwift) every single day… by all means, nobody here will stop you! (or I don’t think anyone will; they might just whisper how crazy you are) :sweat_smile: