Game Update v1.49 [September 2023]

Once I turned it on, I wasn’t able to use the ride-on blast,

It’s in the blue Action bar at the bottom of the screen along with view and PU etc . :eyes:

Do we have an expected time for the servers to be fixed for PD4.1?
I did again a ride with Coco this morning and that’s crazy the number of Watts you should put to keep the pack while in the back of few meters dropped.

It seems to be timed to make sure that nobody has a chance to get used to the new pack dynamics before tomorrow’s ZRL races

Why doing that while Tour of Watopia kicked off with big packs?

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Wow lots of updates recently! Every time this happens, it takes forever on Apple TV. Other apps don’t have as frequent updates nor do they take upwards of 20 mins! I basically lose my workout window

I have been patient for many years but sadly now running out of patience

What is wrong with your internet connection? Updates take less than a few minutes typically.

Super fast by UK standards (200mbps) - all other apps take minutes or less. I think my Apple TV just doesn’t like zwift! Glad you are not getting the same issue and could be just me!

200mps is plenty fast, something else is wrong. Have you checked to see if the TVOS needs an update? Maybe also reinstall Zwift or something?

Thanks Mike- I did reinstall a couple of versions ago but will try it again

I did check TVOS is up to date. I will try the reinstall again and see if next update is smoother

Thanks for your insight. Hopefully it will sort itself out or just have to accept for some reason beyond my knowledge (eg unlucky with server, could be a dodgy Apple TV unit etc) maybe causing this

Thanks again Mike!

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@Berns_Uncle_RCC Do you have automatic app updates enabled on your Apple TV?

If not, there are two benefits to doing so:

1 - The updates can happen in the background when you aren’t using the device, so it’s more likely to be updated the next time you use it.

2 - App Store uses “delta updates”, so when updating from version X to version Y, the app store only sends your device the minimum amount of files needed for the change (e.g. imagine if there was 3D model of a tree from a previous update, and it wasn’t changed in the next update - it doesn’t need to be re-downloaded). So for example, if you already had version 1.48 installed on your Apple TV and then it updated to 1.49, that total update package is about 166 megabytes.


My Apple TV takes very roughly 1 minute to update Zwift.

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Have the new pack dynamics been switched over?


I’m hearing yes, they went live today

Thanks Nate, I’ll look for it next ride

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Where’d you see that?

@shooj any official confirmation of the new PD being in place for ZRL today?

Yes, the pack dynamics fix was activated yesterday.


I look forward to hearing your thoughts on how the change affects the overall objectives of PD4.1, once you’ve had a chance to observe

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I have my sources

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