Game Update: Titans Grove Expansion!

Yes of course, I will do that immediately sir .I’m so glad you are here to guide me and help me be a better Zwifter , you are awesome , I wish I was you

So anybody who likes to go on rides using zwift is a child? Damn trolls, it’s easy to be a jerk when there are no consequences.

Can we please keep this thread on topic.

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Again, never said zwift didn’t have value. Maybe it’s time for you to spruce up on your reading comprehension and less on zwift. :rofl: It’s pretty easy, you read what someone says and you respond to what they say. You don’t make up what you think they are trying to say and give canned responses.

My point was they can’t provide simple fixes for simple requests that their user base has made for how much they charge. And if they did make these changes it would only make it better, do you have something against Zwift being better? Would you not enjoy having the option to see more of their work/terrain and less numbers on the screen? Or do you want to see zwift stay the same? what exactly are you arguing with me for? for zwift not to improve? lol

Maybe you should improve your written comprehension so people can understand you. Your original post was a rant that came across as slating Zwift and threatening to cancel your membership because its a joke of an app. Your last contribution is a much more measured response. Maybe in future adopt this approach? Hopefully I’ll see you on one of the many wonderful events that Zwift enables you to participate in… Unless you cancel that membership! #rideon

Well we pay them so they should listen

I’d really like to controls my programs too. I cannot ride every day for my job and I’m so pissed when I jump one day and cannot recover the session! So why don’t allow to put on pause the program. I can leave or do other trainings for more than a week and it’s useless to join the program after several sessions lost!

You can play your own workouts or plan them in training peaks and upload them.

You can train easy!


You may say you’re not a child, but you certainly do whine like one. Use the parts you like, ignore the parts you don’t or move on man … move on …


Hey everyone.

While we do encourage discussion and appreciate feedback, I also want to remind people to be nice. We have community guidelines in place if you need to review them, as @Daren mentioned a couple days ago. While you are free to debate ideas, don’t personally attack other posters. We also have a feature request that is a great way to get any suggestions you have to us. Feel free to look it over for anyone who already posted your suggestion, or to make a new post about it if it’s not already there!

Ride On!


Anyway, anyone else noticed the barriers at the top of the KOM? Switching to helicopter view it looks like there is a very rough path leading up into the hills behind those barriers. Maybe a future expansion will take us up into the hills? Or maybe not.

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I saw that. Did two U turns so I could get a snap. There’s a lot of territory in the desert that doesn’t have roads on it; could this be an entrance?

You just stop paying the monthly subscription the account will return to the trial version but all your stats and records will remain there. Once you resume payments the account will return to normal.

Gravel path? Off road section?

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I read somewhere that it’s a trick of perspective, and the trail isn’t as long as it seems. At the far end, it’s about “a shoe width” in size, the person said. I think it was in the Zwift Hype group on Facebook.


Point, for what you pay Zwift should make simple fixes.

Simple Fixes:

  • Screen customization
  • free ride where speed/distance is based on wheel revolution
  • Not crashing out at end of the ride

Yes Zwift is a joke of an app for not correcting these, there are mods that correct these from people who made them for free but the people at Zwift can’t? That has to be a joke. A FIVE year old joke.

So no, you have not responded to ANY of these points.

I love Titans Grove and the fence seems to be mostly fixed. It seemed to take the wrong turn at junctions but that did not affect the counts of Fliers or Removed.

However, on our Saturday group ride, we started seeing very strange behaviors on Out and Back Again. We saw avatars doing 360s and going off-road through the desert, reminiscent of the first two weeks of the New York City release.

On the Volcano Climb riders started vanishing, either altogether or leaving their name tags floating above the tarmac. My sweep has a picture of me except that it’s just my bike and the Leader’s spinning shape. From my perspective my avatar was normal but I was alone on the road. At that point, I decided not the restart the Fence at the top because of the uncertainties in locating each other.

More fodder for the QA team. Sorry.

The first two are not bug fixes, but feature requests. As for the crashing out at the end of your ride, you should probably open a support ticket.


You need to explain a bit more, I don’t understand the request.

This seem like you have network/internet issues.


Well said