Game Update: Titans Grove Expansion!

Great expansion zwift team! Can’t wait to see how races and events do on it! Punchy, rolling great climbs and descents. Loved it. Loved all the little Easter eggs too. Fabulous fabulous job!

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Hey B,
What may seem up to date isn’t quite. It’s been written a lot today with iOS devices. Hard close everything, check for manual update and you also may need to delete and reinstall.
It’s there but not quite there and needs a little shove in the right direction

I love everything about the new courses - yippee for more roads


Sure, but no turn options were made available to me.

It was rather strange watching other riders go through the barricades.

Thanks for your feedback. Maybe it will become available soon.



Did an out and back (x2) on the new Titan’s Grove road today. The ride went well until I came back the 2nd time. Riders started disappearing. Ended my ride Downtown all alone. Closed out as usual and checked Strava but no download. I manually downloaded from Zwift and found that only one out and back was recorded. I don’t have a smart phone so the app doesn’t apply. I’ve been on Zwift about a year now and this is a first for me. I hope it’s a bug in the new release and it will be fixed soon.

Thanks, Sarah I appreciate this and will give it a try!

Great work Jon & team. Good to see you guys had some fun designing the course.

Yeah, I just finished a Norseman run an hour ago and only received the shorts and not shirt. Not to mention my garage now has “3” stuck to it instead of “1” that’s been there for weeks since finishing the Tour of Watopia. I’ll probably start a new thread on this bug and/or email support.

Yea but wait until you have a problem and watch how they ignore you. Zwift ignore people daily and could care less what you or I think .They may be growing but they have totally lost their way, bunch of ( profanity removed )

So your saying if I want a service that listens to it users and fixes users problems then I should go to Trainerroad, …Dude that’s harsh .Kudos for not pulling your punches :+1::+1:

Version number 1.0.38292 or higher (on ipad at least, my laptop says 1.0.38296)

If you are having problems not finding the roads then the very first thing you should do is check the version number (it will appear on the bottom right of the user selection screen).

Also, when posting a new thread perhaps Zwift would be kind enough to include the version number in the post. Who knows, it might save some confusion.

If you aren’t able to access the new routes and you’re still seeing the barricades on the road, then your app may be out of date. Be sure to check the App Store to see if a new update is available to download.

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Hey, it’s not just me!

I contacted support earlier today and they said they’re working on a fix.

Yeah I’m talking with support right now too and just sent off some screen caps. So surprised that I got an immediate response after writing to support on a weekend. :star_struck:

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Wrong, I have responded to your point above. So saying I haven’t responded to a single point you have made is incorrect. Must have misinterpreted this rant! You were obviously saying $15 is good value! :rofl::rofl:

They also respond to people daily. Any support team has finite capacity, and with almost any software platform there are more people that are asking for help or having problems than there are people to resolve them. Certainly no one should expect an immediate resolution.

So they care, right? Maybe you mean they couldn’t care less or could care more, but you’d still be wrong. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sure Zwift care what their users think. We are their business, after all. Without us, there’s nothing. But within that there’ll always be a number of people who have bad experiences. I’ve never come across a company whose customer support was flawless.

As a company and their product grows, it also has to prioritise more. So they’ll focus on the issues that are affecting more people for example. That can mean that some people with relatively infrequent or niche problems don’t get as much attention. But it doesn’t mean they’ve lost their way or don’t care.

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No need to get salty and personal. Re-read the Community Guidelines, and keep it civil.


Love it. The best part is the rubber duck.

Love the new roads. I appreciate the extraordinary amount of work and the careful attention featured here. Moving forward, more roads, more plans, more features—yes, yes, and yes…please. Zwift is the best thing that’s happened to cycling in a long time. Thank you very very much!!

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Here is a bit more for you @Scott_McVeigh … The VeloViewer Map shows the new areas added (you can zoom in and out to see all of Watopia Roads. :ride_on:

Just tried the new sand and Sequoias route. Thought it was great. I think my 1050ti needs an upgrade.