Titan's Grove is excellent new addition

I really like the new Titan’s Grove. The world (dinos and water and bear…) is an excellent addition from the virtual world viewpoint AND it is nice to have the little roller sections and the low hills. Of course the big trees are always special.

It is also really nice that it is tied to the desert flats section and makes such a nice loop ride now.

I would like to ride it but how do you get there. I don’t see it on my Watopia map.

Shane Miller made a video on YouTube where he shows how to ride the new routes:

I recommend the “Muir and the Mountain” route. It will start you off at the north entrance to Titan’s Grove and take you through the whole area. If you want to get there from the Watopia main island, just head toward Fuego Flats and turn off shortly after you get there. Here’s some more info about the different routes:

oK. I will try this. I have never actually taken the many “turns” along the routes and have only ridden the actual routes. I have an Apple TV and the remote is so horrible it is difficult to use without riding the bike.

If you use the Muir and the Mountain route, you don’t need to turn. It will take you right through the new Titans Grove area.

I use an AppleTV also. I’ve found the Companion App on my phone to be convenient for making turns.

I agree Colleen, very nice ride.

Has anybody seen a geyser doing it’s thing?

“Desert and Sequioas” will take you there as well.