The Unknown Coast

The Tour of the Unknown Coast. A 100 mile ride with 10,000’ of elevation situated along the rugged coast line of Northern California. This century is considered the toughest races in California. Not because of the length but the elevation combined with rough roads. Still, it is a beautiful ride with stunning views, challenging ascents, and exciting descents.

As I have become more involved with Zwift, I have started recalling this ride and several others in CA that would make exciting additions to Watopia, or even a new “California” world that would couple well with the “Ride California” challenge.

Rides that come to mind are:

  • Pacific Coast Highway (particularly Big Sur)
  • Levi’s Grand Fondo (in Sonoma County)
  • Tour of the Unknown Coast

Iconic rides can be found across the globe, but after all of my travels, nothing has yet left an impact like the three listed above.

What do you all think?

Sounds like a great ride but if you are suggesting it in the hope that zwift add something similar you’ll be disappointed.

There is countless posts on the forum with great irl suggestions but Zwift do what zwift wants to do i’ve never seen a suggestion picked up.


Watopia is California when you take out the alp/jungle. Too many things in watopia from CA already. Long beach/zwift global HQ, redwoods, deserts, volcanoes, nearby mountains, etc. Unless you want the wall/contential plate contact zone at mile 80 of TUC or endless hills or pather gap added to climb portal.

Add more roads around the Alp, with wine Napa Valley and Oregon Coast.

How about some mansions sliding into the Pacific ocean?

Yeah, I figured it would be a long shot. Thinking if it got enough traction then maybe the programers and Zwift might take notice.

Good point. There are quite a few features in zwift that are in CA, but Longbeach isn’t really that impressive (sorry to anyone that lives there). The ride through Big Sur or the routes in Sonoma County are superb.