Future course request

Whoops! I hit the wrong button.
I would like to request a future course like the CA Pacific Coast highway, the area around & including Mt. Washington, or Skyline Drive VA/Appalachian Mountains.
Thank you!

How about courses that duplicate the Grand Fondos? Such as Levi’s Grand Fondo or The Jensie’s Grand Fondo? The Grizzly Peak Century. The sights are beautiful. 

There are also magnificent routes and include the South Bay, such that include Tunitas Creek.

The Whistler Gran Fondo is a spectacular ride too. I wish I had a camera when I did it. Fantastic views and tough stretches.

As most of the pro teams use mallorca in the winter, it would be great have sa colabra or the ride to fore mentor lighthouse on zwift

I reckon Watopia is by far the best place to ride in the game currently (and I live in London and ride those roads all the time).

Why be constrained by reality when you can build the virtual world even bigger and better! 

Although a virtual mont ventoux does sound tempting. I assume eventually, 5 years down the line or something, we’ll be able to ride every climb in all the grand tours.

When I rode the stretch down Trafalgar Square it felt rather flat in Zwift, I remember it going downhill by  a % or so (used to rollerblade a lot in London when I lived there). I can remember skating the steps of Trafalgar Square in reverse so there must be some sort of a drop there on the road too.

Nevermind, at least Zwift cut out all the pot holes.