Mountain course

The mountain course is cool. Are you going to fix the floating road bed and texture blending in the road edge? Even tour de giro does that…:slight_smile:

I noticed this when climbing up from the marina side to the summit.  Around the steep hairpins, the road appears to float above the grass and you can see through it.

Love the Goat at the KOM.  They smell a bit though (or is that me?).


Hi guys, 

This is something we know about and we’re approving it all the time. This specific section will get fixed soon :) 

Thank you for pointing it out!

Ride On! 

Thanks Tom.  

The course is superb though and I am really glad we can ride it whilst the minor glitches are ironed out rather than waiting for it to be 100%.

Would it be difficult to put up road works signs etc. to let everybody know that this is being dealt with (wherever something needs fixing). This way you could pre-empt lots of complaints and add to the landscape in an interesting way.

Saw that too but it doesn’t bother me. The forward climb looks further developed than the reverse climb, probably because that one is used as a descent more often. 

Love that you released the update tho before everything is 100% smooth! 

…And as fun as it is maybe a more realistic turn left after descending the tower climb then the current 90 degree at speed on ice impossible turn