New Route - Sand and Sequoias

Update your Zwift app and Companion app, the forest path (Watopia National Forest ??) part of the desert expansion is now live.

“Sand and Sequoias” is the name of the route.

edit: no spoilers, but it’s fun to ride and absolutely gorgeous. @Jon, please let the entire Zwift team know they knocked it out of the part!

It is a great route! I loved it. It is a route that will naturally keep your watts up in a fun way. My favourite route so far. It also looks like there is a another gate that is waiting to be developed.

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This is a great route, the ups and downs and curves almost remind me of a mountain bike trail. The dinosaurs scared me, though.

At least there were no anvils for you to worry about!

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My ACME trainer feels like an anvil on the climbs. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sand and Sequoias plus Wahoo Kickr Climb is my new pain cave happy place. This is the most fun I’ve had riding indoors- and an awesome workout.

make sure your watts are on 3 sec avg and WOOOOOOOO it’s amazing

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@GO_RAMS Think you mean “set trainer difficulty to max” to feel the undulations … 3 second avg is for display purposes only :wink:

I liked the bear climbing the tree looking for honey. If you’re not in too much
of a rush you’ll see him fall out of the tree!

This new section is a good addition to Watopia.
Cheers Zwift.

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Where does the route actually start and stop? I can’t seem to get the route badge

The sprint finish arch in the desert.

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There is a stone arch at the start / finish. (Green arrow) The spawn point is usually at the red X


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Yeah I definitely stopped too soon. I am not spawning at the x though - i am always in the middle of the desert. Around where your red dot is

Many thanks