Game Update: Titans Grove Expansion!

I read somewhere that it’s a trick of perspective, and the trail isn’t as long as it seems. At the far end, it’s about “a shoe width” in size, the person said. I think it was in the Zwift Hype group on Facebook.


Point, for what you pay Zwift should make simple fixes.

Simple Fixes:

  • Screen customization
  • free ride where speed/distance is based on wheel revolution
  • Not crashing out at end of the ride

Yes Zwift is a joke of an app for not correcting these, there are mods that correct these from people who made them for free but the people at Zwift can’t? That has to be a joke. A FIVE year old joke.

So no, you have not responded to ANY of these points.

I love Titans Grove and the fence seems to be mostly fixed. It seemed to take the wrong turn at junctions but that did not affect the counts of Fliers or Removed.

However, on our Saturday group ride, we started seeing very strange behaviors on Out and Back Again. We saw avatars doing 360s and going off-road through the desert, reminiscent of the first two weeks of the New York City release.

On the Volcano Climb riders started vanishing, either altogether or leaving their name tags floating above the tarmac. My sweep has a picture of me except that it’s just my bike and the Leader’s spinning shape. From my perspective my avatar was normal but I was alone on the road. At that point, I decided not the restart the Fence at the top because of the uncertainties in locating each other.

More fodder for the QA team. Sorry.

The first two are not bug fixes, but feature requests. As for the crashing out at the end of your ride, you should probably open a support ticket.


You need to explain a bit more, I don’t understand the request.

This seem like you have network/internet issues.


Well said

Or possibly software. I am new to Zwift and at the start I had all sorts of issues. Iphone 6, Iphone 7 , Ipad pro and Windows 10. All of these devices give a different experience. I have finally got things where I want them, using the Laptop for the game and the Ipad for the companion.
Absolutely love Titans grove. Would love some MTB circuits. It’s surely on the cards?

Today was my first chance to ride Titans Grove and I’ve got to say I really enjoyed it. For ages I’ve thought there should be something like the Esses on the original loop but that goes on a lot longer, and this fits the bill perfectly. Scenery is varied and interesting, plus there’s that little climb in the middle that’s steeper on one side than the other - quite often I don’t want a really long 30-40 minute climb (looking at you Innsbruck), just 5-6 minutes of effort and this works for me.