Game Update - September 3rd, 2020

Exactly the same issue here - on Kickr snap

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you have realy low expectations. you must be a long time user of Zwift


FATAL CRASH (twice in one hour)

On Windows 10, updated this morning (and rebooted PC). 20 minutes into group ride, Zwift crashed and disappeared (back to desktop, no error messages). Rejoined ride, same again after a similar amount of time.

Nothing strange in the logs that I can see. Never had Zwift crash like that before.

I have a question about draft drop. In the 2 events (workout rides) I joined today, I suddenly got dropped, I could literally see everyone else flew past like in fast forward mode. I was doing the power instructed on the screen. What might be the reason? I could still see the others moving so I guess not internet connection problems?

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Why join a groupride if your not sticking with the leader in the first place. Thats why we have the fence, make people stay at the set pace and not destroying the experience for unexperienced riders that just follows the wheel ahead.


Go and check this thread out Pace Partners FAQ [August 2020]

In short, when you start zwift, pick Watopia, and in the riders list you will see whatever BOTs are running (they have 2 x 2hr downtime to recharge batteries per day). Join the appropriate one using Ride With function (2 run each period, 4 in today, all at different categories).

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My companion app (iPhone 10) has a recurring connection failure since downloading the game update on my mac. I cannot ride at all. Very frustrating. Please fix!

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I struggle with the the people that argue the point that they should be able to ignore the ride rules/beacon. Take my hat off to you ride leaders that have to put up with these xxxxxx’s


I’m guessing the London gradient map is still broken?

There are markers along the mini map that show the upcoming banners along the route. Look along the bottom of the mini map and you will see the different colored markers relative to your markers position.

It is somewhat odd that one would join a group ride and then not ride along with the group but I just look at it as everyone is free to do their own thing. I just try to make the group ride experience as enjoyable for those who want to be part of the leader’s peloton and worry more about those not able to keep the pace and don’t worry about the flyers.


Is the weight to a decimal point new, or did I just miss that before? I had thought it was only whole numbers, but today I was allowed a ‘point-whatever’ after putting in the pounds.


One problem is the shortage of group rides at higher W/kg for A riders. I often do group rides where the leader is very clear that they’re happy for faster groups to form, but the main group will be at the stipulated W/kg and that flyers won’t be tolerated. This works well IME. Groups do often form quite organically and provided the riders in each group are riding at a similar W/kg then everyone is happy. The worst group rides are those with (usually zpower) riders doing daft wattage on the front with the group behind always chasing to try and hang on.

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It used to be you could add a tenths place digit on, but not in-game.Now, it’s reversed. Go figure.


I have a fault Z-1392 at line 672 and Zwift will NOT load!
Anyone else having problems?


Can you give us little more detail about this issue? The game app (not the Companion app) works for you, please verify? Are you able to log in, select a world, and begin the ride?

Or are you saying that Companion app does not “see” the game and go into ride mode as it should?

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I was having this as well. I ended up using the Saris app for ERG and having my Rotor INspider connected to zwift.

Except this didn’t work when I tried to ride with a bot. Zwift started me by myself in the middle of the desert without a soul or boy around. My internet connection was fine and stable as I still saw names on the right side.

Which BOT did you select? Did you get the screen that you got to select from one of the two active BOTs? If so, probably a bug. Have seen someone else mention this.

Bowie Brevet who was supposed to be doing sands and sequoias. I couldn’t find it so I found an event to join.

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