Game Update - March 16th, 2021

Great and all but when will you fix the fact that many Workouts do not complete as « done » even when they are? Build me up is a disaster at that level… don’t get mileage etc credited and have to say « i did it » after every single workout… not cool


Just finished a meetup, inwhich the QUIT MEETUP banner (lower left of screen) was flashing off/on continuously thru the ride.

Nice! Seems like a good ‘bug fix’ focussed update… Great to see the F10 bug being resolved (not tested it but, as crazy as it sounds, I’m excited for that to be working again!

Also good to see some focus around the workouts. I suspect there is more to come around that.

Great work!


That’s great news, thanks.

Praise the gods of Watopia! This alone is worth the update! :smiley:


They changed the speed max? Will check it out! In a meet up and I don’t want to get dropped :slight_smile: let me know if you find any others

Is the Exit button on the start screen new? Now how about adding a Menu button next to it…


Here’s all the info we’ve got on today’s update! (Includes some stuff not mentioned in the official release notes…)


Thanks for answering my question!

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But flags in the Companion app are all broken. :joy: On Android at least


Could ride leaders have an option to replace the fence with dynamic rolling resistance that increases or decreases depending upon how far ahead of or behind the ride leader you are? Just a thought.


See my updated details at Zwift Update Version 1.0.64913 Released - Zwift Insider regarding Training Plan flexibility changes.

This is VERY good news for Training Plan lovers.


Fiji flag - bit late but very grateful thanks Zwift.


Let’s wait and see if the new group dynamics actually fixes the fence. Getting it back working and zapping riders from the group ride would be good, forcibly slowing riders dependent on their distance ahead of the leader would be better, but one step at a time.

Not sure about lowering resistance at the back. That’s why you employ a sweep team, and the lead can always slow if required.


Updated tonight. Zwift is stuck at the Loading Watopia screen. Windows 10

Switched to Innsbruck, loaded as expected.

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New zipp designs? is that in the changelog?

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Just rode in a group ride on Tick-tock with a buncha Canadians, actually Quebecois, not that it was a bad thing but I couldn’t understand all of the messages from the RL or the few that came across from the other riders. We can safely say the Chat function is still broke.

I logged on with Bluetooth and steering enabled which usually ends up with my HRM dropping out shortly after the gun. Didn’t happen this time so maybe, just maybe, the Bluetooth pairing issue with steering and HRM is fixed. I cannot comment on iOS or AppleTV since I’m on The Dark Side, aka Android/PC. I’ve been using ANT+ for serious events since none of them have steering enabled and I’ll probably continue that practice.

The New Pack Dynamics has been improved from the version I rode in a coupla months ago. Less jittery and the peloton is much more cohesive. There would still be extensive and I mean EXTENSIVE pavement surfing if we were riding IRL but this is Zwift and we’re invincible!

And the sticky draft seems to be less so. I could power through (it was a C group ride and I was sandbagging purely for informational purposes) the pack pretty easily. Seemed like the draft was more effective too with less effort needed to get back on when you get gapped off.

The fence was jumping back and forth more than I have seen in awhile but that could’ve been the RL changing the spacing during the event. There was no problem riding through it and the “Return to Group” message was consistently ahead of the fence.

I have a dedicated wired Win10 system on essentially a T1 connection so the update only added about 30 seconds to my update logon. That said, I would strongly suggest updating as soon as you can to avoid the inevitable update SNAFU when you oversleep and get to the bike with 2 minutes before the gun.


When will it be available for Apple Tv?
I am currently doing BMU training plan. Everytime i finish the workout, it does not tick as “Done”. I have to do it manually as “I Did It”. Please advise what kind of bugs it is. Thanks.


It’s just new stickers on the Zipp wheels to reflect the newer graphics they’re using IRL. Might be the least important part of the update since you can’t see them when you’re riding and most of us don’t spend a lot of time on the side of the road admiring each other’s sleds…


I’m having this issue tonight too after the update. Zwift won’t load any of the worlds.

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