Game Update - June 15th, 2021

That was a firm ‘no change’ in regard to the Kickr DIRCON in this update when I asked yesterday. :cry:


If you are KICKR Bike owner reporting issues with steering please join us on this thread: KICK Bike Steering Issues [1.14.0] [June 2021]

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Very curious why they aren’t. The tech side should be easy, but then you never know…

Same for me…

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First of all: thanks for constantley improving Zwift and adding features highly requested in various posts in this forum.

Since 3.5 weeks I cannot use my Zwift account because of crashes during login - also with 1.14.0.
Obviously this issue is not solitaire; game updates and events remain worthless, if the platform cannot be used. Since two weeks I am waiting of a response from Tier3 support and I am wondering when this will happen @shooj?

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Awesome improvements! I look forward to the future of this platform. Good going Zwift!

Woo-hoo! Thank you!

Thanks for the release notes. It would be really helpful if you could put the version number in the thread title so we can easily cross refer to the version of the game we’re running. Would that be possible? Especially now you’ve moved to easy version numbers :slight_smile:


Has anyone got any feedback on this yet!? I’m pretty sure I’m getting close to being banned on zwift for being a pain in the ass asking for it

Can we have a lead in distance to the start of any sprints. I still get caught out when we get to the start line and i havent started sprinting yet.


More visible sprint start


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Guess Runners still can’t run around the perimeter of Village Onsen then, no mention in release notes. :roll_eyes: #onlyforbikes

Good to hear, but when will there be an update so Zwift recognises the directional buttons on the 2021 Apple TV remote? Sweaty hands and touch/swipe surfaces are not a good combo.


Yes I think that’s a solid idea, we’ll start doing that with the next release. :ride_on:


I have a Kickr Core. After this update I’m no longer able to do a spin down.

You should be doing calibration/spin downs using the trainers manufactures app.

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@_Jordan_P_ZSUNR the kickr core just had a firmware update too, so as Paul said use the Wahoo app to do spindowns and update the firmware.