Game Update 1.51 [October 2023]

The thing that really bothers me is that you can no longer se the power for different intervals (in the workout details screen) until you’ve started the workout. I really hope this gets changed.


the vignette? you can disable that in the preference file, if you knew where to look. if it ever comes back there’s a third party app you can use to modify the settings file. or you can just use a text editor

Can confirm now that the problem is the tunneling via the companion app. When i switch to direct bluetooth connection from appletv to hrm and the trainer all is working properly. When i say connect via mobile phone zwift cant find the hrm. Seems like 1.51 and the latest companion app aren’t compatible together. Would be nice if someone from zwift can confirm that or drop an message.


Yes, it is the vignette effect which it is now gone for good after 1.51. No need to edit the config file anymore.

Yeah I know it was around a while ago but wasn’t sure if it had been fixed; defo worse now. Example screenshots from today.

From around 1hr 2mins of video link below too.

In the same video are many examples of the black squares; also the area of worst CPU load is at 24min; was too noticeable thankfully but even with my setup the frame rate dropped 30%.

when did the drops rate multiplier for pace partner change?

What has it changed to?

wasn’t it around 5 minutes before it increased? it now seems to be around double that before the increase takes place, or at least it was for me last night riding with dino

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For me and at least 2 people more it is a dealbreaker. It is the typical mistake junior product manager make. “Make it clean and sexy” and “easier”. Introduce unnecessary friction and focus on the not data focused rider (would love to see the zwift persona who does workouts). I have different workouts and change ftp slightly with my daily feeling.

But thats not all… why would you even delete the possibility to hover over the intervall and see the numbers in between the intervals. Nonetheless giving additional info about the zones is good.

Time to search for a alternative.

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Tattie bye :wave:

that is what the +/- FTP% while riding is for.


To each their own. Personally I just use the FTP % bias for adjusting on a day where I’m feeling off or particularly strong as, speaking as someone who only uses AppleTV, the slider was impossible to use.

Or if you want, nearly, what you had you could try:

Weird red flashing box on the back of my avatar when people are behind me.
Frame rate reduced over all of Watopia


@shooj Had to disable Video Screenshot to at least get rid of the heavy flickering introduced because the fps dropped significantly after the last 2 Updates.

Riding on a i7-11800h and RTX3060 used to be really smooth and only dip a bit with large groups like Coco. Now its dipping heavy into below 50 FPS causing heavy stuttering of my TV with VRR enabled.

Graphics improvement, yes I like that. But please consider to take a look into the game performance. Its really annoying and causing headache and nausea.


Has a few graphical glitches whilst with a pace partner on country to coastal last night, mainly the water was causing issues

Is this being fixed? I’m experiencing exactly the same issue

I did yesterday an ERG workout (PC, via ANT+ , Tacx Neo1) and i was middle in a 5min 210w endurance block, i wanted to do a very short stop to doing an auto-zeroing on my Power2Max NG (for dual recording, it is paired to my head unit) , so the ERG mode was temporary disabled , after 4-5secs coasting i was continouning to pedal as before, the ERG was enabled again (as Zwift wrote) but not in ERG mode, in SIM mode (i checked the log file and found this line to prove it: [13:48:47] FE-C SIM GRADE 0.010 ) and this SIM mode was active till the next block (apprx 1.5min, many same SIM commands what i wrote before, luckily i programmed 6x5min instead of 1x30min) where the trainer got the next message to switch to real ERG mode and working on the target 210w . In the past this wasnt the case, if i did such a coasting during an ERG workout, the trainer continued on the same power target where i stopped, didnt switched/(remained in) to SIM mode till the next block. And it is not only a single case, one of my friend reported our Zwift forum that he had similar issue with an Elite Drivo. My question is why did You change this kind of behavior? Is it only ANT+ issue or via BT also?

Nope not fixed. I opened a support case, sadly no response so far.

After the update, the new workout view is available. Unfortunately, I can no longer modify or copy my existing workouts on the iPad. Only the delete option is offered. I can no longer change my FTP value either. Even when I create a new workout. What is the problem here?