Game Update 1.51 [October 2023]

Try this

Thanks for the tip! Functions! Hopefully Zwift will rework the new workout screen anyway. best regards

+100 to this, I usually look at the length and power and see what I’m getting into in a workout and you can no longer do this. It doesn’t even work well to do it by hitting the copy button and backing out, please bring that previous control that allowed you to hover and get power/time data.

Agreed on the overly agressive rough surface camera effect.

The shaking effect, while nifty for short segments, gets old fast in that stone area. I had to stop riding then look away for most of it. (I’m about 3 to 4 ft from a 42inch tv on the wall)

Other than that the graphics looked great on my system (ultra profile 1440p on a 1080p tv)