Game Update 1.46 [August 2023]

That’s also a way… I prefer the Terminal, it’s more convenient for me

How you find it with Finder? I don’t see any ZwiftAppSilicon file in my Mac Studio M1 Max, nor in my 14" MacBook Pro M1 Pro.

The file is at ~/Library/Application Support/Zwift/ - the Library folder isn’t visible by default, but you can use the Go to Folder option in the Go menu within Finder.

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Is scrolling within the Workouts selection screen supposed to be fixed for Windows users? My scrolling isn’t working at all using the scroll on my mouse (works in Chrome for instance, so Zwift specific behavior). Windows 10.

Thanks. It does work :slight_smile:

Mac Studio M1 Max running latest macOS:

Interesting, it seems to be locked to around 60 FPS on the M1 Max, presumably for performance purposes.

Possibly related to the refresh rate of the display?

In my case, totally locked at 60Hz due the refresh rate of my Apple Studio Displays.

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Add me to the list of Zwift Play controller disconnecting every 10 mins after 1.46 update. Specifically the left side controller. Steering keeps working but can’t brake nor use the buttons.

Same here

so far, not a fan of the new results screen. I liked the automatic closing after 1min. now I have to get off the bike to use touch-pad on laptop and close. m and c buttons acting up as is with sweat damage…haha


Yeah, results screen staying open is pretty annoying.

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The Pack Dynamics change has created a lot of discussion from non racers. I ride mostly bots so know a lot of people are complaining about the slower pace, i, e. 1.1 mph between rides before and after. There is less churning but that has never been an issue with most of us. Also why is churning such an issue. It seems to me that this is basically what a breakaway does in a rotating pace line. The person behind has less drag so goes a little faster until drag increases to slow him down. Churn is less with this but sacrificing that much speed to accomplish this seems like you’re cutting off your nose to spite your face. There is a large group of people who ride long distances and hence will now have to ride longer to achieve their goals. Can you do some of this without slowing everyone down?


* COUGH * :person_raising_hand:

I’m not convinced that PD4.1 hasn’t actually broken pack functionality. It’s not just speed - things are happening that shouldn’t happen. (see my thread with screen cap as evidence)

I don’t mind if the packs are slower to match real world speeds.

It’s the weird climb, descent, and general draft behaviour that’s frustrating.

I thought the change made Zwift speeds more like IRL speeds?


I and a couple others with steering were hit with the aggressively-steer-left bug in a race in France today. No power ups, didn’t seem to be tied to any specific location.

It does but everyone likes free speed on Zwift cause they can’t get that IRL :joy:


I have the Kickr bike and since this update I have constant cadence and power drop outs. This morning it took my six tries before it stuck. Inhad a couple instances where it wouldn’t pick up cadence on the paired device screen and then once it did it dropped out. The other instances were on pacer rides where once the ride started my avatar wouldn’t be pedaling and then I noticed the drop out. Please fix.

Oh so it’s not just me that’s been having problems the past month!

It’s been driving me mad trying to figure out what’s been going on after not changing anything, and at the same time trying to change everything to figure out why all of the sudden my kickrbike has been dropping out!

Right now it seems though about every 2-3 hour mark it will drop, and sometimes never recover, not for minutes at a time.

I can switch to ANT+ non-FEC, and it’ll break some things (see my ZP profile and 2000w sprint spike).

But that’s been racking my brain!
I wonder if we need a new thread.

First occurrence of this for me was August 3rd.
I’ve never had a single issue with my Kickrbike on ANT+ FE-C since I got the thing in March 2022
Now I’m having dropouts on the weekly.