Game Update 1.46 [August 2023]

Did a smallish Herd ride (90-100 people) Thursday PM US time at 1.6-1.9 w/kg, and maybe it was just my expectations, but it felt much easier to keep up in the pack - I could easily stay in the pack when I wanted to and could move forward as needed when it stretched out a bit. I did have to put in a bit of a dig if I fell a bit behind the ride leader, but even that felt a little easier than before PD4.1. As a ~85kg cyclist, even if this is mostly psychological I think it’s working as advertised, at least so far!

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I’ve seen chat. Most people don’t chat when on 10+% climbs.


As I say on IRL climbs “if you’ve got enough spare breath to chat, you’re not working hard enough” :joy:


Personally i think this “phase rollout” stuff is introducing far more problems than it solves.

After an uninstall and reinstall yesterday i’m updated finally, but still old results screen that is supposedly rolled out to all windows users by now?

It must be confusing when bug reports come in for “version x.y.z” but to different users that’s a different feature set

Not to mention that if things are silently enabled for subsets of users, how are users to verify they actually have certain features they should have?

Just my 2p worth.
I’m not really that bothered about the results screen as its often meaningless, but there is a wider issue here.

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I’ve said this before that a phased rollout is a mistake, everyone needs to be on the same version at the same time

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Can’t please everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the phased rollout has worked well compared to some of the previous non-phased stuff which broke things for a wide range of users with zwift having no way to halt rollouts effecting more people.


Results screen should have HR data.

Zwift play still disconnecting the right hand one. Weirdly I could still steer and use power up, but ride on bombs fully broken, not just missing graphic but not working at all. At end of my race I went into pairing and neither were ticked yet had been working all race except ride ons.

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That would be fair if it was either/or.
They have the option of feature parity without breaking things too.

Crow Hill is 3.6% average on the way up and -3.6% on the way down but fair enough. Maybe the chat radius should be expanded to the full climb portal.

you cant at the end of the day, but its a case of we are all paying customers where some might have additional benefits/features that others don’t, see video screenshots being available for apple users for many months before pc users etc

another of my criticisms is of the play controllers only being available in certain regions, if, and I say this as big if, the price does go to the claimed price there will be backlash over it due to entire countries not being able to get in at the beta/lower price level, not sure that zwift would like that negative publicity but we will see if it does or doesn’t materialise

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They don’t have any requirement to give identical feature set to every single user. You pay for what you get in your region or platform.

Some of the decisions on who gets what is outwith zwift control others are more resource constraints to develop features across the range of platforms than run zwift.

But i agree it’s in their best interest to try standardise the offerings with zwift being a global platform. On the play controllers i 100% agree more needs to be done but I know other countires have similar issues. e.g just recently a kit supplier I use pulled shipping from canada probably for similar reasons zwift does not ship to cananda.

Saw this for the first time last night. It’s a nice improvement.

Version 1.46 rollout is complete.


Still can’t connect Z Play for more than 2 seconds, Windows 10 user.
I have had these a few months and only twice I have been able to use them properly, 1/8/23 and 5/8/23 then new update stopped them working. I have no connection issues with my trainer and my bike is practically in my PC screen.
Is this being worked on ? or do you need a ticket submitting

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Same for me. Prior to 1.46, ZP controllers worked fine for me. Now, right controller shows as disconnected, can’t steer left or right, but I can still activate a power-up with the Y button (the Y does not appear on the power-up icon). Long-press Z does not release a ride-on bomb.

On the plus side, using the draft van does not throw me all over the road :wink:

I’ve noticed on a RP ride from the home screen today (Scotland), that draft power ups appear to be resolved with 1.46 (no involuntary steering) but I still suffered from an involuntary turn away from the RP and had to teleport back. I was completely away from ZCA at the time, so definitely not accidental steering by me…

Hi @Od_Avinu ! If you have a Sterzo or JetBlack steering block paired as a steering device, you have the ability to select different intersection options by turning your handlebars. Is there any chance this is may what caused you to turn away from the RoboPacer?

Hi @Tris_Hopkins_DIRT are you experiencing these steering difficulties when in a large group or in a solo ride as well? Current pack dynamics make it harder to steer through other riders, so I want to make sure I understand before I flag this up.

Also, welcome to the forums!

Hi @Lee_Cara_ODZ_B are your Play controllers updated to the latest firmware? You may want to open up Zwift Companion and see if there are any updates available.

Any ETA on full roll out video play capture to all IOS apple devices?