Game Update 1.46 [August 2023]

As Arend says i use camera zero often for fan view it gets very annoying :rofl:

Hi @Craig_D_Mart
It was shared on the Zwift Insider article from the previous 1.45 update… as it was rolled out to a limited batch of users at that point. Take a look, there is a screenshot from Eric’s ride in the article.

Ah. Where is the points standings for points races?

what points races? :laughing:

Are you referring to Zwift Racing Score?

If so, that’s a ways out to add it to results as we have some prerequisite work to do before we show Racing Score changes in the in-game results. Currently, we’re working on changing the scoring mechanism based on feedback from our soft launch post for July as the biggest piece of necessary work. We also need to make a few more design updates to other places where you can see results like ZC, web, etc.

So, it’s in process, but not here yet.

This results screen is also meant to work for any race, not just races with Racing Score enabled.

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Just a follow-up on the Zwift Play Controller issues. Unfortunately, the right controller still randomly & quickly disconnects in v1.46. Tested both controllers in different worlds and the left controller stays connected & working. The right controller drops quickly & often. It seems to still have connection to the devices menu but the box gets unchecked. You do receive haptic feedback when it disconnects. It also displays a disconnect message in the mid-top box. However, it only displays for a very short time & is truncated so you might miss it.

For others, this issue has been ongoing since the controllers were released with the exception of v1.44.2 where they were stable (at least for me) but then regressed again in 1.45 & 1.46.

OS-Win 10
Zwift Play FW-1.1
Bluetooth-V5.0 usb dongle
Bike-Wahoo Smart Bike V2 (connected via wifi)
HRM-Wahoo Tickr X (connected via bluetooth)

How about races where finishing order doesn’t determine the winner? Can the new in-game results reflect who won a race where it’s scored based on segment points?

Where does your BT dongle sit? I would highly recommend a usb extension cable and that it hangs off the edge of desk/ in front spokes - this has solved connection issues for a few friends

Thanks for the input. The dongle is literally 4’ away & direct line of sight to the bike & devices. Dongle is located in USB port at top of computer. It’s been functioning accurately & effectively for the last 3 years on Zwift. So I don’t believe that to be an issue in this situation. However, I do appreciate the attempt to help resolve things.

No worries - had a friend with same setup and it helped that he moved to the usb extension cable - i guess moved away from extra interference - he also had no issues on trainer then small issues with play - when adding extension they all went away

Climb portal chat is still broken.

Thanks for all the hard work. The Companion App. Nothing has changed here. However, since the update, the Companion app doesn’t handshake whilst in game. I notice that few people on screen have the companion app working. Maybe another bug to fix?
Many thanks in advance, Dave.

I really wish they would remove the need for being on the same wifi to use certain things in companion. I get it for some instant stuff it’s better but certain features. e.g messaging there must be better ways.

Are you meaning “across the internet” ?

I’m fairly sure the limitation is based on how your local network is routed and not strictly “same wifi”

You have arrow keys “Stolen” by the ui.

They used to only operate the drone camera.

Some fixes have been issued, but at best the arrow keys do both ui and drone camera at one.

I really think you should not be double binding the same keys - keyboards are quite big so you could move drone cam controls somewhere else imho

Thanks. I’m on the same wifi network. Nothing here has changed, except the super laggy in game app. I tend to ride with the bots these days and I look down the long list and where many had Companion, very few now do. It took 45 mins yesterday for the Companion to handshake.

The ping was 12. 60 gig down and 15 gig up on SpeedTest. No other apps open except for the Tesla app. That’s it.

Companion creates a server for your client to connect to, so its more that your client can’t see your companion app.
Hard one to debug without knowing your network setup tbh

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yep accross the internet. I really can’t be bothered to debug some of the issues i’ve seen.

edge case maybe but i log in/out of companion app for some races and it takea while to sync for commands that in theory could be done bu connecting to zwift directly.

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I think issues could be solved, but it would be a pretty fundamental change to how ir currently works. Afaik.