Couldn't steer to right of road [1.45]

Had an issue in France with steering that you could not get to the far right hand side of the road. Seems like the lanes for play have been limited/reduced vs road avalible

i.e below screenshot from last night I could not get to the inside barrier - seem to be ok when going up petit

Hi @James_Barnes

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I spliced out your report from the 1.46 release note thread because your most recent session was done on version 1.45. We want to make sure we’re not muddying the issues.

Please confirm - was this the race you did on Casses-Pattes?

Apologies thought I was running .46 - Correct that is the race - I also noticed it in warm up on the world prior to event in workout mode - i took a screenshot last night if you want to see it (it is on my other machine)

I’ve found this to be the case for me, too. Windows laptop, Zwift play via bluetooth. I know it was there during 1.45, possibly before that. I just thought that different worlds had different steering ranges left-right for some reason, though France’s steering shortness compared to the road made me a bit claustrophobic.