Game Update 1.40 [May 2023]

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good morning,

Has anyone reported that wahoo kickr bike buttons stop working after a coffee stop?

Wahoo bike kickr v2 (DirectConnect)
Windows 10
nvidia rtx 3070

Thank you

The killer robots are awful. Way to ruin a good thing.


During a workout on Tempus today, I involuntarily joined a Robo Pacer group.

Honestly, lost for words. What was wrong with the previous Pacer avatar?

Oh, and the arrow to mark the Pacer’s position was missing, so good luck trying to shadow the pacer (ATV user with Zwift 1.40.0).


So sad to see the new look of the Pacers. Was there really a need to change them?

First the names, then the look. It was perfectly fine for me. Before the changes.

They now are hard to spot in the pack. It didn’t come to my mind that they don’t support drafting, because that’s what they are there for.

@shooj I’ve experienced black squares flickering throughout the screen. Seems to be related to the backlight of a rider, because upon passing this rider the squares became smaller and centered around the backlight of the bike. Before that, they where all over the display as the rider was further away.


see: Black Squares Game [1.40] [1.41] - #12 by Patrick_Boucher_JZQc

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please include it in the bug list:


Yes my friend reported this… and we worked out it happens during “Night Time” so something to do with lighting shadows during this phase of the day (on PC) I was not affected on Apple TV

@James_Zwift @shooj My PC updated to 1.4 and this morning I did my first ride since the update - An hour and a half with A Constance in Watopia. The new Robo’s are great. Much nicer to ride with than the old PP’s. Still easy to see where they are with the giant hexagon on top of them. Excellent update. Thanks!


That being said, I hope that the in-game graphics will improve on AppleTV. The graphics look just as ***** on my new AppleTV 4K (3rd Gen) as it has always looked on AppleTV even though the hardware has massively improved.
The only “tweak” I’ve noticed is to the menu UI, so I really hope that there’s more coming…

I don’t think the ATV has nearly enough processing power to look like ZWIFT on a PC with dedicated GPU.

No, but it can look a whole lot better than what it does now.

I imagine the game could do better on Apple TV if it were implemented better, but Apple TV maybe (probably) can’t do better with the game as it exists today. As far as I know there is no timeline for making that better, just some vague comments that it may be coming.

Exactly the same case with the Android version. Still crappy images, no shadows, and far less screen options than PC or Mac. It is not that we want the same kind of images, but ATV and Android really need better images.

That’s because there simply isn’t the graphical processing power in order to provide Android with the same quality of imagery as a PC or Mac. ATV in the same boat.

Its like me moaning my car isn’t as fast as a Ferrari.


It’s a shame that stronger Android devices don’t get better graphics options.

I don’t know much at all about mobile CPU and GPU hierarchy, but my Poco F3’s Snapdragon 870 and Adreno 650 is noticeably better than my old Mi A2’s Snapgragon 660 and Adreno 512.

No-one is asking ifor Android/ATV/etc to have the same graphics as a new high-end PC GPU can manage.

However, modern GPUs in Android/ATV/etc can handle far more than they’re being asked at present.

But if your car was, say, limited to 30mph on a motorway where many other cars could do 70mph then you likely wouldn’t be satisfied, even if the Ferraris could go way faster.

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I get where you’re coming from but that kind of implies that Android & ATV devices are being choked from performing at their full potential. I’m not convinced that’s the case.
If Zwift allowed mobile devices to run with the ultra profile the backlash would be huge as they would be inundated with complaints of it juddering, stuttering etc…
Just like each graphics card new on the market has to be tested by Zwift before allowing it to run in ultra profile so much each mobile device.

Given the regulatory that new mobiles hit the market, not to mention regional variations in components it would be a nightmare to keep up to date.

Other than improving the graphics profile what would you like study to improve on these devices?

That’s one way to do it, but there are other ways too. For example, giving users options in a menu to increase graphics detail, shadows and so forth, in the same way that many PC games do. It could default to the current level but allow it to be overriden.

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Zwift doesn’t test every new PC on the market, and they wouldn’t have to test every mobile device. More likely they could just select based on CPU/GPU combination, or just on GPU as they do on PCs at present. There aren’t that many different mobile GPUs.