Game Update 1.32 [December 2022]

You have to remember that running remains in Beta testing and that it’s actually free.
Therefore investment in this area isn’t going to match cycling.

We have new levels coming with presumably new unlocks.
Admittedly there are limited running only routes but you can run anywhere you can cycle.

Out of interest what would you change?


Hello :slight_smile: Don’t get me wrong I love Zwift running, i dont know what will I change maybe a little bit more char customizations but thats just me :slight_smile: other than I think its very nice , thank you for enlightening me that it is still in beta didnt know so I take my words back :slight_smile:

I might finally get around to attempting La Reine for the first time, albeit it will take an age at under 2W/Kg! :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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All the 4K models of ATV have exactly the same graphics. There’s talk of improving this next year, but no details and I suggest waiting to see.

the distance is wrong for the watopia waistband it doesn’t include the lead in
also when i rode it it initially said 17.2 miles to go but was a little over 17.4 when i crossed the finish.

In this update, I’ve lost some of my jerseys. This is really disappointing as some were really hard to get. E.g. I lost 2 or 3 Castelli jerseys and my favorite Chasing Cancellara I ride (well used to!) regularly. On Monday I used this jersey…

I’m using Mac app with 1.32 but on iPad I got the old app version 1.31 and there I can see all of my jerseys.

Please bring them back :disappointed_relieved:

I can’t use iPad (it will 1) update soon I guess; 2) it freezes and sometimes crashes during events)…

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looks like there is a new chasing cancellara 2022 jersey in the latest release but as you say a bit annoying that old jerseys are being removed.

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bug fixes
when will it be possible to select workouts ( without several attempts and luck ?) with the apple TV ?

What issues are you having? I use the workouts on ATV regularly without issue.

Same, on the new home screen I can choose my Training Peaks workout for the day so much easier than before. Just don’t try and change your FTP…that’s still a nightmare.

ive just started using workouts again after some time.
If i select a plan, its very hit and miss from the list, often not scrolling ( with atv swipe) to fight to view plan, ive previously enrolled in, have then to swipe to left until i find workout i need to do often a slight miss swipe selects ‘ive done it, or comes back out to the plan selection list.
If i success in selecting a workout week-day ( assuming its the right one, no information if the atv remote hasnt selected a different one at random.) i then select course ( difficult go see slight drop shadow, if i go lower to world, unable to select right hand column, background pans instead)
Once in a plan when i boot i do get the next workout ( not necessary the next according to plan view ! ) , again difficult to select a different workout to that offered. ( course selection enables me yo select worlds ( although workout and ftp set, often come as a surprise)
no way to change than to leave zwift and restart from scratch)
If ive done any other activity on zwift ( free fide or group ride) i need to go through the frustrating selecting from scratch as above)

Difficult to convey the frustration ive experienced this week !!!


Run with POWER and have the power values displayed.
Allow workout profile to control speed of TM (check box option to enable or disable).
Allow workout profile to control incline of TM (check box option to enable or disable).

Yes sure. But surprisingly many riders started rides in default? orange jersey. So looks like I’m not alone :unamused:

I generally think the running aspect - especially for free - is really good. I’ve convinced my wife to join and being a game, it encourages her to run more, so that is always a positive!

What I would like to see more of are leagues or competitions or maybe challenges to give people a reason to run. If there were missions, I would be more likely to add more running to my training - but for now, I do 98% cycling. Not saying it WOULD convince me, but just a thought :slight_smile:

Thanks :pray:

No idea if this is a new bug and if it is, whether it is simply a visual bug or one that affects riding physics if I hadn’t spotted the visual bug…

When swapping between bike frames in the garage, I’m sometimes seeing incorrect wheels on the bike.

For example, this morning I selected the Zwift TT bike and it showed Bontrager wheels (which I don’t own, but look similar to those equipped on the Trek Emonda challenge reward bike). I then fitted the Zipp 808s I expected to be equipped by default.
Another time I selected the Zwift Gravel bike and it showed Cadex wheels which I don’t own, I then fitted the Reseve wheels I expected to be equipped by default.


Running with power isn’t a bad shout Bob. That said its not the most common metric used for performance analysis by most runners. Most still rely on pace per mile/km. Secondly to be able to measure power requires a secondary device such as a Stryd etc…

Auto incline is much sought after and is actually possible using a third party app.

Auto speed is a bit trickier as unlike incline Zwift doesn’t broadcast this so 3rd party apps cannot pick this us.
There’s the whole litigation argument around having anything other than the user adjust something that could lead to an accident.
Look at peloton who were sued by parents of children that suffered injuries by their products. This led to the recall of the treadmills. I have my own thoughts on this but it’s certainly something I’m sure Zwift would be nervous about.

Although I don’t mind riding the routes again, I have ridden all these routes already multiple times. I had all the route badges until this update, it would be nice to have these ones as well, since I have already completed the routes.

Was the mini-map issue in Urukazi fixed?