Game Update 1.32 [December 2022]

Hi Zwifters,
Zwift game version 1.32 is ready to download for all OS platforms.

  • We have two new training plans built for Zwifters with busy schedules: Fast Track Fitness and Build Me Up Lite. Fast Track Fitness is ideal for Zwifters beginning their fitness journey while Build Me Up Lite is best for those looking for training guidance without the cost of hiring a coach.

  • Resolved camera issues when changing camera views in Makuri Islands and when joining a RoboPacer. Additionally, some screenshot bugs have been resolved.

  • Sending the sound slider to 0 in game will now correctly turn off game sounds. Although, we all know the Zwift game music is a jam.

  • Ambient sounds in New York and Innsbruck are now at the expected sound levels.

  • Riding in a Pacer Group will now correctly max out at 2.5x drop multiplier.

  • Five event-only routes have been made public with new route badges: La Reine, Gotham Grind, Watopia’s Waistband, Richmond UCI Reverse, and Surfin’ Safari

AppleTV only:

  • AppleTV 4k (3rd generation) device resolution will mirror the resolution of other AppleTV devices.

iOS only:

  • Game no longer shows in portrait mode when allowing Health Data access.

Android only:

  • The new home screen is now on most android devices.

UPDATE v 1.32.1 for all platforms December 15

We’ve addressed a few bugs with the 1.32.1 patch:

  • Changes were made to reduce crashes when loading Makuri Islands on Windows devices.
  • Fixed a bug where custom workouts didn’t display in some instances.
  • Zwifters will now only receive a challenge banner when successfully completing a challenge and unlocking the challenge item.
  • Zwifters are also now correctly awarded challenge unlocks in their garage once completing a challenge.

Any questions about this release? Ask here!


Not on my phone - Moto G 5G Plus

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me either, but I never use my phone to Zwift.

Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
Android 13

PD4 with this one?

Any update for the issue where zwift wont adjust power and terrain after latest wahoo kickr firmware-v4-21?


no, see Flints competition update thread

Pack Dynamics 4 is still under development. It’s enabled only in test events for now. See this thread for details.

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For the Apple TV - does this resolution update mean an UPGRADE or DOWNGRADE ?? I have my first Apple TV 4k Model A2169 - (my previous Apple TV is A1469). I’m hoping this Zwift update is an improvement, although it would be nice if Zwift was actually 4k so we could fully enjoy our 4k devices


Mine is on the new Home screen, Android 11 One plus 6T

did you download the new App from the app store?

This is an update to the resolution for the 2022 ATV4K to match that of the previous two generations at 1080p. When it was released, Zwift didn’t recognize it, so it downgraded the resolution a bit for that device. They did the same thing with the gen 2 ATV4K.


yes, 1.32.1
Shooj said it was on “most” androids, so I guess just not for me yet… not that it matters.

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Fonts tweaked again.

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Apparently they are working on a rewrite to take advantage of the new processing power of the 2022 version of ATV 4K, but doesn’t look like that’s ready in this release.

I guess a glass half full attitude would acknowledge that at least this newest device is no longer hamstrung lol :joy: additional capabilities are not supported, but at least it’s acting like an older device :crazy_face:


Confirmed: on AppleTV4k (2022), getting snap-happy with the Companion App screenshot button does not crash the game on reaching screenshot #20. Tested to 51 (!) screenshots, no crash.


No difference. You’ve got the 2021 ATV, not the new 2022 model.


Latest IOS devices are still on the 1080p profile so I doubt you will see any graphical update on the new ATV which has the same hardware as an iPhone 13 which still uses this profile.


New home screen looks great on the Pixel 4a 5G (Android 13)

I have 4 android devices from Samsung:

  • S8 Mobile Phone (quite ancient but working well)
  • Note 9 Mobile Phone (My travelling device)
  • Tab S3 (really ancient but still kicking)
  • Tab S5e (My travelling device)

All showing the new UI menu, no display scaling available, and using touch funciton to scroll around for navigation and click on selected items as expected.