Game Update 1.31 [November 2022]

When will we be able to access the garage to change bikes from the home screen? If I’m stuck on a TT bike and want to ride with a Pace Partner I have to change bike then end ride before rejoining…frustrating

What device are you using to Zwift? You should have the new home screen by now which gives you this ability.

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Windows laptop…it is quite old though

That is likely why you do not have the new home screen yet. Zwift wasn’t able to roll the home screen out to some devices that were not new enough to handle it.

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Ok thanks Oliver…I’ll bide my time with this old tech

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Just wondering if the editing and deleting of custom workouts is back with this update?

I’m waiting over 10 min and it’s still trying to move files into place…

What does “Improved Apple TV remote interactions on Training Plan and Save screens” mean?
It’s still a cumbersome PIA to find my own custom workouts.
Why not have a direct way to access them?
How difficult could this be?

I am seeing the same thing.

Anyone know if the graphics profile for ATV4K 2022 has been amended yet?


Did a first ride to explore the new Urukazi only area and found the environment so coastal pleasing.

Taicho’s First Look at Zwift Urukazi Expansion Map and my quick read review here on my blogsite.


Edit: No network issues encountered throughout my recon ride.

Nope. And as my post mentioned, I know loads of people who have been suffering from the issue the same time frame I have, so it’s not a home network issue if it’s affecting riders around the world at the same point in the same rides.


If I had a dollar everytime I heard that :wink:

Can you run the log file from that ride through and see if that finds any network drops or other issues?

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A-level trolling right there!



I ran it this morning (Asia) and found nothing too difficult for a 6th gen i7 and GTX1070 Ti mini to handle.

Forgotten to cap at 61FPS and keep Vsync on.

Honestly not intended to be. :wink: Expected it to be adjusted immediately tbh… to the same as the other 4K models.

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I thought we were looking for network drops, not fps?

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Has it got a better profile than the others? :wink: Should it be reverted to lowest detail?

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Apologies if I struggle to find much humour in a situation where several people (in different countries), who have never had a wifi dropout and been with the same internet provider for years, suddenly experience dropouts at exactly the same time during an event and are told “it’s your wifi.” It’s never the server. I don’t have a log file available running the game on a newer AppleTV4Km, at least not that I’m aware of.