Game Update 1.30 [October 2022]

Hello Zwifters,
Zwift game version 1.30 is ready to download for all OS platforms. Here’s what’s new in the update:

  • Category enforcement and hardware requirements are now visible before signing up for races in-game, on Zwift Companion, and on web. The ability to use category enforcement and hardware requirements is also now available for all event creators to utilize. Any event that contains any of these requirements will be indicated with a symbol.

  • New event-only route added to Innsbruck for the Continental Qualifiers for the 2023 UCI Cycling Esports World Championships.
  • Improved reliability of joining a Pacer Group.
  • The longer you ride with a Pacer Group, your drops multiplier increases until you reach 2.5x drop multiplier. Pacer group drops multiplier will now hold at 2.5x when you reach that multiplier amount instead of reverting to 1x.
  • Pacer Group cards now show the average w/kg values, allowing you to see the average pace the group will cruise at during the ride. The w/kg will no longer change depending on whether the group is actively ascending or descending.
  • A new font family has been introduced for better functionality in-game. Areas of the game that require smaller font sizes will use a slightly different font better suited for its size.
  • Although we liked seeing your bunny hops and hurdles, we fixed a recent issue where small gaps in roads appeared.
  • Smoothed out avatar transitions between “in the drops” and “on the hoods” animations.

Additional Notes:
Since the last release we launched HoloReplay! Jump into a freeride or Pacer Group ride to set a HoloReplay pace or chase your previous segment completion.

Zwift will perform a scheduled maintenance update to our system in order to ensure even greater security for the Zwift community on Oct 24 @ 02:00 UTC for approximately 4 hours.

  • This will impact joining events, Ride Ons, Zwift Shop, Zwift Power, and more.
  • See this discussion for details about this maintenance.

UPDATE v1.30.1 October

Zwift game version 1.30.1 is released for AppleTV only. Latest version is 1.30.0 for all other OS platforms.

Any questions about this release? Ask here!


Hurrah! This has been annoying for donkey’s years.


Hopefully the lack of anything of note is because the new roads are being worked on and thoroughly tested!


This is great news! Have really missed the pre dynamic pacing pacer bots😅


Shouldn’t these match? Or does Genie have two different speeds? @James_Zwift @shooj

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You may have missed the first part of that bullet point.

We’re not getting rid of the dynamic pace - just showing you the average, including the dynamic bits.


Aha. Was hopeful there for a bit😂 Good change, just not the one I desire the most😉


Great news!
I had hopes that you would soon enable the ability to choose freely among all workouts when creating a club workout event.
It really has no value as is with limited selection…


Nice! Looking forward to Urukazi next month!


Hope the ADZ finish line wheelies are still possible! :wink:


I know this is just the PP card, but as a Group Ride Leader, sure would help us if we could directly read avg w/kg without pressing menu. Toggling Power/w/kg to add this as a third metric would be terrific. It’s hard enough leading but knowing we are delivering the advertised power in important and not directly available now.


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Still no monospace font.
Numbers are jumping around like crazy.


Here is my article and video about this game release, including my thoughts, images, and more. Feel free to check it out.

Video: Zwift Update October 2022 v.1.30 // All The Details! - YouTube
Article: Zwift Update October Released 1.30 - ZRace Central


Love that PP drops will now hold at 2.5x.


Hey all - if you’re reporting that Pace Partner Drops Multiplier is maxing out at 2.0x please join us on this thread: RoboPacer Drops Multiplier maxed out at 2.0x [1.30] [October 2022]

Love the dynamic pacing :sweat_smile: :+1:

Would this be a new route badge as well?

It’s nice the pace partner (robo partner) drops stick at 2.5x once they get there, it was always weird to me that they went back and forth to 2.5x.

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