Game Update 1.30 [October 2022]

Excellent on the second part. Now I’ll be rich again. :slight_smile:
For the first one, I assume it’s just a different route using existing roads or any new roads also?

We really need that super steep section that was part of the real Innsbruck 2018 course. IIRC it was more than 20% at its worst. :wink:

Couldn’t see the power on anyone’s boards today - unsure whether it’s today’s update or previous.

I could make out the outline of power on the blue screen but Zwift pic didnt capture that.

Why does it matter to you what someone else’s power is during their workout! Worry about your ride and your workout!



Thanks for asking


Can you pls check whether the custom workout menu item was lost at 1.30.0? My workouts are sorted in subfolders and these are lost now.
The new UI looks stylish - but finding a specific workout without access or filter to subfolders is very difficult…
Preferably you provide this kind of access also within the new UI (once you may drop down the old interface)

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Just wanted to throw in an observation I had now that I’ve seen this in the companion app…

This UI here:

Makes it look like there’s a warning associated with the event. Maybe that I shouldn’t be allowed to enter it (the “!” sign is a hazard sign and used elsewhere to show you can’t go into that category). I don’t think a normal human would associate it with something positive.

I think it would be good to brainstorm something with design along the lines mixing in some kind of ‘trustworthy’ concept icon to make it look less like you’re trying to scare someone away, and more like there’s additional safeguards to make this event better in some way.

And this UI:

Feels very odd with all that whitespace. When you click on all that whitespace it brings you to an entirely new screen with one line of text “Category enforcement” which could just as easily been put in the large blank spot to the left of the warning icon.

I understand that this UI element has to grow to enable more details for trainer restrictions, and I can’t find an event to see how that looks, but having this large blank area seems odd either way. If there are trainer restriction I could imagine a second logo, and a short one liner of text there to explain that.


Thank you for the information about the updates! Since a lot of the update has to do with the PP’s I have a suggestion brought up on a coco ride. Many were talking about how the same comments over and over by all the PP’s gets annoying and wished there was a way to make the PP chat more realistic. I suggested maybe Zwift could have some of the main Zwift riders (Tim S (Bacon), Sharon Y (the Mink), Eric Schlange etc etc) take over the PP chat when they ride with the bot. It would help the chat not be so “programmed/computerized”, it would mix it up a bit. Just a thought! Thanks for all that you do! Your hard work is appreciated!

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Agree. I was thinking they could throw in a bunch of the “rules” like what Jesper publishes in ZwiftHacks Events (Staggered starts, See all Cats etc) to fill in the white space but really, the rules should be the first items auto-populated in the general description already - having two areas for user’s to look at just seems like a challenge when it’s reasonably obvious that people dont read descriptions as it is.

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The 2.5x multiplier for the PP is a welcome change. Never understood why it went to zero. Will definitely encourage people to extend their rides. Even with millions of drops…I still like to see them grow! :joy:


Are there improvements coming to the minimap elevation graphic …it is tiny…and confusing.

Please make it visible without a magnifying glass…and in a consistent direction.

Much appreciated.


ERMAGHERD! :scream:


It’s been a long time since Titan’s Grove was introduced and they still haven’t corrected the gradient percentage on the reverse climb, which isn’t anything more than changing a few characters of text. Do you really think they are working on something as complicated as this? :thinking:

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Been a while since I have been on but is there a “ride leader” dot over the pace partner on the companion app?? I always find it hard to know where the PP is at sometimes when riding with no hud.

What about the messy font gaps in the companion app headings?

How does one perform this trick?

Since this update ATV will not pair with Bluetooth on my Saris H3 until I pull the plug and restart the ATV…a bit of a pain! Note that it will pair up using the companion app. on my tablet.

Still better than when the values are displayed upside down.


Each month I check the changelog to see if the bug with missing shadows on Apple Silicon processors has been fixed after more than a year. Alas no. Isn’t this about 2 minutes’ work to flip a ‘shadows on’ switch for the Apple GPUs? And M1/M2 native support is now available with Wahoo RGT so would be great to see that in Zwift nearly 2 years after those CPUs were released.

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Hey Apple TV users - if Zwift is crashing during launch, please join us on this thread: Zwift crashing on startup [AppleTV] [1.30] [October 2022]

Zwift don’t do things by halves