Workout Dashboard - Power number upside down

Saw this while riding today in Makuri Island. Looks like the Power Number on the dashboard of riders, who are doing workouts, is upside down. Or is it just me who see this?

Latest Version of Zwift, AppleTV 4K (2017)

It’s been like this for ages. Not sure if it’s just Apple TV seeing this, or other platforms too.

For ages? Definitely not. I found pictures from last season (march 2021), everything is fine there. Everything seems to be fine on windows at the moment, as I saw some screenshots from other zwifters.

It must have gone wrong very soon after that then, because it’s been broken for quite some time. You’ll find it mentioned in other threads.

E.g. Why are the watts on HUD's upside down and backwards?

Since the last update (I think) I’ve noticed the watts on the other rider’s HUDs are upside down and backwards. Not really important… personally, I don’t get why the HUDs are there are all! You can’t see your own and all you see of the other riders is their watts… so not really doing anything anyway. But had to ask because if something’s out there, you’re going to look at it (albeit better in a mirror)

BTW… that HUD is a useless feature… prove me wrong. :wink: You know they’re on a workout by the icon in the name list. You can see their w/kg in the name list but not their real watts. Ok, that’s one. What else? :wink: What else does it do??

Hey. When cycling on the Apple TV, if I pass another user who’s currently on a workout, their display panel in front of their bike shows the wattage, but it’s upside down. Anyone know of a fix?


13 mars 2022 i identify also this issue and created additional post, thanks @Steve_Hammatt to bring me this post.
Don’t forgot to clic on VOTE to make more visible to Zwift support.
Ride on

My power always have been 2.8 after the last update is 0.9 up and down. Cycling harder but nothing happening.