Game Update 1.26 [June 2022]

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this bug (sorry if I create a mess by mentioning it here…):
At the intersection between Epic KOM reverse, Jungle/AdZ and Epic Bypass, if you arrive from downtown and want to turn left onto Epic Bypass, this will require a manual left turn. But if you try to do this through your keyboard, the Left button does not work. You will either need to push the Right (!) button twice, or to use the mouse or Companion app instead.
Should be an easy fix…

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And better integration into Apple Health without all the third party workarounds…

Appreciate the video of the effect, Dave. I’ve passed it along for investigation



Thanks :+1:t2:

Noticed it in alpe few different times on same ride and again in makuri

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Friendly reminder that the last new roads were Neokyo released in November 2021. That’s 7 months now with no new roads.

Oh my word yes that would be fab so frustrating

From the news on May 12: “We are committed to increasing the development of the core Zwift game experience, increasing the speed of new feature releases [not bug fixes, my note], and making the platform more accessible than ever before.” Has anyone heard any kind of road map of what’s coming for new roads/worlds? There’s a gravel event-only world that some have been invited to?

Possible bug: Amelia isn’t changing colour with pace changes after the update.

I’m guessing with the recent layoffs it will take a month or two to adjust and refocus on a roadmap but hoping that will start to bring new features as updates have continued to be sadly lacking on any real feature development for months. Bugs introduced then not fixed by next update is shocking though like the gravel intersection on makuri.

I’m hoping these sort of issues start to be resolved asap if somebody new is in charge of platform development.

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I flagged this up over a year ago, I guess they have forgotten about it!


Just uploaded a youtube video about the update with details and visuals of the new content. Also noticed that the fill in bubble settings changed to big blocks. Zwift Update June 2022 v1.26 // ALL The Details! - YouTube

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Is this how you configured your Jenkins build notifications :rofl::joy:

I’m familiar with the Jenkins build environment, but where did you see the Jenkins build notification for Zwift? Just curious.

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Not sure I follow.

Up above Dave mentioned that he found some Jenkins stuff in the latest release. Then Flint, who is Zwift staff posted his Leroy Jenkins (WoW) bit. Hence my reply about Jenkins build notifications, i.e., it’d be funny if that was the notification sent out by Jenkins. Where I work, the Jenkins notifications are boring.

Thanks for the explanation. The Jenkins build stuff in the latest release is pretty funny. It gave me a laugh. I saw Dave’s post. I wasn’t sure if Jenkins is an actual person or their build server. Funny either way.

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1b. Manually set it to your preferred value through zwiftpref/zwift-preferences :slight_smile: (before starting Zwift)

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