Game Update 1.22.1 - February 14th, 2022

Thanks for that, I wish someone would find a fix!

Thanks again for your suggestions though :+1:t2:


With the latest update yesterday I’ve lost the connection with Strava. Is was greyed out. My ride of yesterday evening wasn’t uploaded.

Here here! I can’t remember which bike to choose! Be good if we can sell them back for, say, 50% of the drop price?

Sounds like a connectivity resource issue here - placeholder object set with no values assigned as overlay.

Just finished a meetup on Chasing the Sun. Two Zwifters, banding enabled. No matter our power output (0.6-3.0), we cruised at 29 mph, even on rooftop KOM, although not on temple KOM. Was happy to get many PRs and sprint and KOM jerseys, but there may be an issue.

A well-known bug, identified in May 2020: Meetup Speeds Incorrect with Small Groups (46km/h or 28mph)

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But somehow Zwift HQ is unaware of it??


And on 20-05 as well several " National Pizza Party Day Run/Ride" events on that day that will unlock the pizza socks.

I now get:

  • Race: [title of event]
  • Pace Partner Ride: [route] in [World]

Of course this change now blocks out most of the unique data in an activity title due to limited space in Companion App screen (doh). Have to wonder where some of these ideas requests come from (or at least why priotised over more needy requests).

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It would be helpful to update this thread’s title, since we’re up to 1.22.4 now.


Updated this morning. Oh the irony: " * Improved crash logging"

First ever Zwift crash on this PC, running it since June 2021.

Context is everything.

I just signed up for a training plan and the workout plan in the companion app says “Available Monday Night”. Shouldn’t it say Monday Morning?

Today, my first crash ever with ATV 4K.
Started a ride in France RGV, and after 6 minutes, screen freezes, and ATV reboots.
After that, did a new attempt and rode for 8 minutes without problems on RGV
After that 2 hours with Coco in Watopia, also without problems.
My first crash in 2 years.

Raise it with Zwift support. Although there aren’t logs on the client side, they will be able to access logs on the server side.

facing wrong way in the pen bug is still there.

yep …seeing it more often too

I’d love a confirmation that the Cervelo S5 2020 is back to where it was in terms of in game performance.
I love that bike.

Hi @_Maxim_Garant-Rousse, welcome to the forums.

See the zwiftinsider article:

Groupset Bugs Fixed?

Zwift’s list of bug fixes in this update includes this line: Fixed an issue with the SRAM RED 2021 rear derailleur being slightly underpriced, and a tad bit too light.

Our tests are indicating they’ve fixed the groupset issue that slowed the Cervelo S5 2020 – it seems to have returned to its original speediness. (We’re not just why the text says it was a “tad too light” though, because that wouldn’t make the frame slower…)

We’re hoping this means Zwift has also turned their attention to the longer-standing Dura-Ace 9200 bug. Our tests so far seem to confirm this, but we’ll publish hard numbers ASAP.

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Frames have been updated here Cervelo S5 2020 back to the top :arrow_up: