Game Update 1.20 - December 16th, 2021

Connect via mobile data by tethering your PC to your phone and try again.

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That is not possible… the update is to big. In germany mobile data is pretty expensive. I tried. But with only starting the download my whole mobile data for December was gone.
It has to be possible with normal Internet. Not everyone has a Smartphone with endless mobile data…


it helped me:

  1. Copy the full contents of the “Zwift” folder in Downloads\Zwift .
  2. Paste contents into the “Zwift” folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Zwift .
  3. Accepting the prompt to overwrite several (possibly up to 5) files, and then the desktop icon (when next run) will now start the application in the patched game version.

Sorry Cathy, rather busy unexpectedly. Ended up having to do my real ride outside because I was helping a friend, (looking after house) and there were some problems that came up. Finally got them all sorted out. What is your schedule like for Wednesday morning?

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@Biker_Dave No worries :wink: I am scheduled for the Adidas series ride at 11:00am Central time (noon for you). It’s 6.1 miles around the NY perimeter. I have an 8:00am interview so can’t do anything before that but join me in NY if you can.

Thank you this is something New I haven’t tried yet. Will try this later this evening

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This fixed it for me! Thanks!

For my “noon” time till 1pm, I’m busy with an online meeting. I wonder when this cat and mouse game will end?!

Have a great day!

Every ride my wife and I have done since the update has taken the screenshot at 18:11 (if we didn’t do one manually). Definitely not random. :slight_smile: Also not a big deal at all.

@Wes It’s never been random, always 38:11 and now always 18:11, powerups are fine. Auto screen shots have been like this for years, can’t believe you never noticed honestly.

Seems to be different for some people. I just went through a friends Strava feed and his all seem to be 19:22 now while prior to the update they were 34:22.

Yup, I just looked at one of my friends strava feeds and they are all 17:57??

Late Join prompt no longer working after update.

Since the update I no loger get the option to join already started events that have this feature enabled that I signed up for 24 hours + in advance.

If I join pre event start everything works fine. If I log into Zwift post event start Im not getting the Event already started join prompt once in a ride like I used to.

Platform PC, Windows 10. Companion app running on Samsung Phone with latest Android OS. Clean reinstall done on the PC. Doesnt solve the issue.

Anyone else experoencing this?

My kickr has been stuffed since the last update, crappy and annoying to pair devices every time and the gradient has been so difficult im riding up hill all the time it seams so not fun think im going to try a different app its been two weeks now.

Since the update, Zwift won’t load on my PC. It just hangs in the “blue screen” (respect your ride leader) before it gets to pairing. Runs fine on my Mac laptop.

Have you tried a reinstall?

I ended up reinstalling and it seems to be working now. Thanks!

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I do not know what happend with sound, but it is not good when you ride in pack. Some sounds are totally missing. Waterfall in Watopia or music in Arcade in Neokyo.


Oh gosh. Now my F12 Pino has no front cogs n pedals.
Is that why I’m so slow on Zwift? :thinking:


Hi! Since the last update Zwift freezed 2 times (out of 2) on my PC mid-ride. I have a Beelink GT-R with an AMD Ryzen5 3550H CPU, Radeon Vega 8 GPU and 16 Gb DDR4 RAM. I had no issue before the update.