Game Update 1.16 - August 19th, 2021

Does it appear after you finish a workout if you haven’t yet finished the course?

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yes, once the workout is done the route progress bas show again.

@Shane_Miller_GPLama: Yes, I understand that. I guess I just find it ‘humorous’ that they are concerned about the Zwift connection with the WDC being rock-solid when Zwift’s updates are generally riddled with bugs, as though they’ve barely been tested. It seems non-sequitor.

Also: love your videos. Thanks for the content!

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Needs to be rock solid if it’s gonna be in their own trainer/bike, given that the on-boarding difficulties with connections are the whole reason they’re doing it. :wink:

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Yep, just seen this one fixed :blush:

Same here, my NPE RUNN is also only read as a bike trainer, hoping zwift is listening so they’ll fix this so we can run again in Zwift.


I’ve always assumed they’re sorted by “marketing $ paid to Zwift, high to low.”

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Yep that’s an error that we’re fixing.


Was hoping this latest update would have fixed the ongoing issue with the missing Sprint/QOM/KOM jersey tagged next to your name and also the sprint lap reset which continues to ruin sprint events!
Lots of us asking support for fix will this be fixed please??? We have been asking since last update when it caused this bug…

Wearing jersey but no jersey tag next to name as shown which continues to spoil sprint events.


I would be happy with no new drop shop items, no new roads, no new kits, etc for the next 3 months leading into “indoor season” to just work only on making bugs go away.

I probably am in the minority on this thinking.


I didn’t see anyone else posting about resistance issues but I’ve been experiencing erratic increases in resistance in the last two weeks during group rides, free rides and with coco. It has occurred on every route I’ve ridden as well. On the flats, there are times when it suddenly feels harder to pedal and then returns to normal. This happens over and over. Sometimes the ascents and descents are the opposite as well. I was riding the wahoo kickr 19 and using Apple TV when this started happening. Trainer software was up to date as was Zwift app. Did the secret factory spin down and reinstalled Zwift app deleting all previous data. Didn’t fix issue. Wound up getting a new trainer a Wahoo kickr 5. Set up the trainer and did the wahoo firmware update that stated it was to correct resistance issues. However still experiencing all issues mentioned above. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled zwift app several times since. And this update hasn’t corrected issues. I should also mention I use the kickr climb and that it isn’t working correctly either. Works sometimes and other times not.
I’m frustrated. I don’t know what to do next. I’ve run out of troubleshooting ideas. Help.


Hi @Cheryl_Parker_VR2209, welcome to the forums. Sounds like this issue reported a few months ago.

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Am I being churlish to suggest that route progress might usefully be measured in terms of both distance AND elevation ???


There must be a huge amount of dev resource that could be saved or better utilised if there was some competent testing on releases so they are not constantly chasing their tails post releases.

They could probably deliver everything that’s asked for and more…

It’s not even funny… its a slow mo car crash once a month for them…


Hey Zwift. Your latest update has stopped my Technogym Myrun treadmill from connecting in run mode??? If I select bike mode it finds it no problem. Very frustrating indeed. I’ve updated the latest firmware on Technogym, reset everything and it still won’t find Myrun in run mode but does in cycle mode. Please can you fix this ASAP as I plan to do a long run workout as part of my training plan this weekend?!? Hopefully others reading this post will support this problem and report it too☹️


The progress bar goes away if you quit a meet up. I started a meet up at London 8 and progress bar was showing. Due to different causes I ended up riding solo so I quit the meet up and the progress bar vanished.
I still rode the entire course and it was acknowledged by Strava.
This is a disappointment since I often use the meet ups to ride worlds/routes out of rotation.

Edit. 08/21/2021 Same thing after today and the Join Meet up button flickers and are mostly invisible before starting from another location. The button is truly gone since clicking the space where it sometimes appeared didn’t work.

Possibly this problem? Treadmill not recognized [August 2021] [1.16.0]

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Love the route progress bar. One disappointment, unlike in events and races where there is a progress bar AND THE NUMBER OF KILOMETERS TO COMPLETION (sorry for yelling), the new route progress bar does NOT include the number of kilometres left to complete the route. This forces the user to guesstimate how many km are left. On long routes, where the bar moves very little for larger distances, the estimation of km left can be pretty far off. Any reason why this “distance remaining” metric was left out for routes even though the coding is already there as seen in races and events? It would be REALLY NICE to include distance left to complete a route! :pray::pray::pray:


Thanks! The Kickr and Kickr Bike resistance issues too on Apple TV. Also the climb function isn’t working on kickr bike anymore.

Not sure if another bug, but the photo upload to Strava is not uploading a photo from that activity but from the previous one.

To explain.
Activity 1 - Makuri island - 45min warm up
Activity 2 - Crit city race - 30mins

Activity 2 has a photo from Makuri Island.

Activity undertaken on ATV.