Game Update 1.15 - July 19th, 2021

Hey Wes, version number in the topic please :roll_eyes:


Here: What are the latest Zwift Game and Zwift Companion app version numbers?

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Yes, I know. But Wes agreed to put the version in the release announcement last month.

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@Siobhan_Norman Thanks for flagging the issue - we’ve passed the report along for our team to investigate.

If any other members are experiencing crashing on Android devices, please respond to this thread with device type and OS. Thanks!

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Re: update crashing
My device is: Fusion 5 tablet (F104Bv2_PRO)
Android version: 9

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Any timeframe for including the return to the Home Screen instead of the Choose User Screen after a ride on Apple devices? It’s been months for Windows users and lacking for the rest of us.

What about similar iPad iOS issues? I just updated (have had absolutely no issues before), and now I cannot connect by assioma duos and kickr at the same time. I can only connect one or the other… Ambassador said Zwift is “aware” but have no timeline for this fix.


There are multiple disconnects that behave like BT and Ant+ drops as trainers continue to stay connected and in erg mode, in the town squares in Makuri Islands where a meetup rider will disappear from the screen and leaderboard or if it’s you, all other riders on the route and leaderboard will disappear until you ride back into the countryside. This causes lengthy power drops of up to 5-15 minutes during training workouts and failed intervals despite continuing to meet the workout targets. This happens on every meetup on any Makuri route once you’re approaching the town squares and has repeated with more than one rider from completely different IRL locations running Zwift on either a PC and an Apple device.

Re: update crashing on July 19th, 2021
Zwift is no longer working on my device

My device is: Samsung Note 10+ (SM-N975F)
Android version: 11

That’s good, it’s my favourite thing to give other riders the sticky draft and then ride away from them. :wink: However more often than not it’s me getting stuck!

I had an issue today in which I saved the ride in Apple TV4K and closed down the app, but it didn’t save properly. It didn’t sync to either Strava or TrainingPeaks and on the Zwift activity feed it shows no map, and on the Zwift website it doesn’t load at all. Screenshots are shown in the companion app but nothing else.

I did nothing different to normal. I stopped the ride through Companion app then saved it as usual.


Yes 100% same here. On both iPad and Apple tv


Still no mention of a fix for the London gradient graph.
I know. . . .first world problems.


I had the same issue using Windows PC, not sure if that’s what you use. I solved it by connecting my V5 through the companion app on an iphone? Works beautifully.

For the last few updates I have had to restart my lenovo laptop to get the game to open after the update. It locks on the 3 adds and won’t go past until I do restart. Never had to do this before.

I do my Zwifting on my android phone. The Zwift app says I need to update to use Zwift, but when I go to the Google Play Store it doesn’t find any update to download/install.

Any advice?

UPDATE: Eventually the app store did find an update so I am back to being able to Zwift now. :slight_smile:


I do my Zwifting on my android phone. The Zwift app says I need to update to use Zwift, but when I go to the Google Play Store it doesn’t find any update to download/install.

Any advice?

Will the new bike (Aethos) and wheels be worth buying or will they just be also rans?

I know the Aethos in real life is very light, but we know that doesn’t translate to Zwift.

Zwiftinsider usually runs tests on the bikes. I would check their website tomorrow to see if the article is out.

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